Lewis Capaldi banned from many dating apps as they believe he is an imposter

Lewis Capaldi was forced to turn to an X-rated dating app in his search for love after being booted off Tinder.

The Forget Me singer might be a talented, world-famous superstar, but has found himself looking for a partner on a range of online platforms – and he’s been banned because the sites think he’s an impostor.

‘I’ve just been kicked off Tinder because people think I’m fake, I’ve been kicked off Bumble, Tinder and Hinge,’ he said. ‘Someone told me to go on this one called Feeld and I go on it and it’s so sexual, it’s unbelievable!’

The 25-year-old star admitted the app is ‘way beyond’ his usual tastes,

‘It’s all about kinks and BDSM and I’m like, this is way beyond anything I’m tuned in for.’

Feeld describes itself as a ‘dating-app for open minded to meet like-minded’, adding: ‘Feeld is a dating app for exploration, curiosity and pleasure. Join solo or with a partner to find lovers and friends.’

When it comes to a potential partner, Lewis – who recently stripped off to his underwear on billboards to promote latest single – has candidly revealed what he’s looking for one dating apps.

‘I like hanging out with new people and… s***ging and that, I guess,’ he explained, while admitting his lifestyle means they would need to be ‘understanding’.

He said: ‘If I met the right person I’d be buzzed. But right now it’s a bit unfair with the other person, they’d have to be quite an understanding human being. And kids? Right now that’s not in my plans at all. One of my friends has four kids and that’s not my bag at all.’

Lewis admitted being on Tinder can be ‘a bit weird’, but he actually met his ex-girlfriend Catherine on the site, noting: ‘She’s f***ing great.’

And he also discussed the difficulties he faces dating someone who isn’t in the public eye, particularly when it comes to an imbalance of power in the public eye.

‘I’m trying to work that out as well because I don’t want to use my fame, or for that to have any influence over someone I’m dating,’ he said. ‘What, am I only supposed to date people who are famous? That’s a really weird thing’.

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