Psychological Benefits of Adult Toys

Is there anything more fundamental to being human than sex? After all, you wouldn’t be here without it.  

It is the basis of human relations and the building block of our societies and civilization. The ability to procreate and have children provides continuity to our societies and allows us to continue as a species into the future.

Gone are the days, however, when sex was just about having children. That is still its underpinning, but today sex has become an activity and pastime for its own sake. Sex is pursued for its pleasure and other psychological benefits.

Adult Toys

The benefits of adult toys far outweigh any negative meaning associated with them. Sex toys can be used to enhance personal health, communication and relationship dynamics.  

  • Improve mental health by relieving stress, releasing sexual tension and enhancing mood.
  • Improve intimate relationships. Talking about adult toys fights judgment and stigmatization. The more openly you talk about them, the more normal they become
  • Toys can increase the chance of achieving orgasm. Many women don’t experience orgasm during sex. Studies have shown that women only achieve orgasm about 62% of the time. Many psychologists recommend the introduction of adult toys to help women achieve a more satisfying sexual experience.
  • Toys can add to your bedroom repertoire. They introduce new aspects and help keep things from getting stale.   

Toys are not just for the one-night stand or casual relationship. Adult toys are designed to be fun and can add zest to your sexual encounters.

How To Introduce Toys

One of the biggest mistakes people make when attempting to introduce toys to their partners is bringing them out during sex. Set aside time for a conversation about bringing toys into your play. Admittedly it is easier in a new relationship. Many sex counsellors advise partners to openly talk about their sexual preferences. It takes a level of vulnerability that not everyone feels comfortable with.  

If you aren’t sure how to frame the conversation, some experts suggest offering it as an idea you encountered in an article or talking with a friend.

Don’t Force The Idea.

If your partner is not open to the conversation or idea, don’t force toys on them with insistence or ultimatums. You can always bring the subject up later, after your partner has had a chance to think about the idea, and why they might be hesitant.

Don’t Criticize

Never suggest that your desire to experiment with toys has anything to do with your partner’s sexual performance.  You don’t want to play into any underlying insecurities your partner might have.  Most of us want our partners to have pleasure during sex and are usually willing to seek higher forms of pleasure together.

If you’re having a difficult time, you can consult with a licensed psychologist or therapist that specialises in the area of sex therapy, sex education and sexology.

Don’t get too hung up on it.  Toys are supposed to be fun. Sex should be fun and the introduction of adult toys can bring your sex life to new highs. Use them to enhance your sexual well-being, add a new twist to your relationship, and maximize your pleasure.

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