Voodoo spell to make someone fall in love with you

Modern humanity did not immediately show interest in voodoo. Before Africa, as a mysterious Black Continent, had been discovered, the Western civilization did not know about it at all. It quietly existed in tiny villages, lost in the shroud, servicing the needs of war and revenge. After it had been transported to the new world – to Latin America and Haiti, it was just as little interesting to both the white gentlemen and other inhabitants of the region. Even the church was tolerant to it, since, in many ways, the shamans surrounded themselves with Catholic attributes, and rituals they eve

sang church hymns while performing some of them. The first surge of interest came at the beginning of the last century. But the spellcasters of that time were too refined for such essentially crude witchcraft. Then there were the 60s and, again, voodoo did not win new fans who preferred to learn from shamans from Central America. Only about ten years ago, the interest experienced a new surge, causing a real fashion for the services of a shaman.

But as always happens, the people who learn all their lives, create new things, and build their knowledge on learning of various mystical schools, turned out to be far ahead. We are talking about modern super-class magicians, and spellcaster Maxim is one of them https://spellshelp.com/Spellsbook/Love-spells/voodoo-love-magic-is-the-best-way-to-attract-love-. Thanks to them, the people can order the voodoo spell for love without fear of the usual consequences for shamanism. What are we talking about? To understand this, read the present article to the end, and you will find out how voodoo can be useful to you, and why safety is so important when using it.


Like all, without exception, the shamanic teachings of our days have come down to us from the depths of the centuries. From the time when the very first mystics dressed in roughly dressed animal skins, gained their first experience of influencing reality and other people. Untouched by civilization, and not dressed, like we, in the technocratic armor and the armor of disbelief, they still kept a strong connection with nature. Because of their purity, they could communicate directly with representatives of other worlds. Not with aliens, in our understanding, but with eternal beings living on various energy planes, which are woven into the common energy grid of our Earth. It was then, the modern spellcasters suggest, that an agreement has been concluded according to which the entities (then they will be called the lower and the higher spirits) will choose people who are especially sensitive to reading energies, train them, and do witchcraft with them.


Despite the fact that they have a much less difficult work to do during their lives than the magicians of the modern Western school, they are chosen much more carefully. If almost any woman who is ready to devote herself to a certain, sometimes, very cruel or very difficult practices for decades, can become a witch, then a shaman needs to be born. You should have a certain structure of the subtle bodies in order for the spirits to pay attention to you. Usually, this happens on the brink of adulthood. Having chosen a person who suit them, the spirits literally drive him crazy. They do not strive to make him mad, although, many of the people who fail the tests end up very badly. Their goal is to shake the mind so much that it gains the ability to move to other worlds, stay there, and come back without loss. The entities also strive for the shift of mind to be such that the chosen one and the spirit can communicate on an equal footing after the shift. Indeed, then they not just understand each other, but can exchange a variety of information.


We will talk about adherents of the European school, and explain their difference from the followers of voodoo. The latter do not cast spells themselves. You must understand this. Because it is misunderstanding and blind trust that ultimately attracts trouble to you. African witchcraft can be practiced by a person who has acquired his own entity, and has become so close to it that they form a single whole at moments of merger. This is the essence of the ritual:

  1. To shift consciousness to the point where it can connect to other worlds. This is done with the help of special songs, magical drinks, music, dances.
  2. To enter a trance and invoke the spirit.
  3. Let him in and merge with him.
  4. To explain to him the essence of the challenge, let’s say, your request to perform a powerful voodoo love spell.
  5. To indicate who you have chosen as partners or boyfriends.
  6. To let the spirit free itself, move to the specified object, cast a spell on it.
  7. Not caring what is going to happen to you and the other person, consider your mission accomplished, and begin to recover.

binding love spell


The shaman cannot control the process. Someone found a very strange, but more than suitable comparison for a shaman – he is like a door. A door that can be locked with a fingerprint lock. It will never miss someone who is not allowed to pass through it. But if the fingerprint matches the locking device data storage, the door will open, giving access to what is hidden behind it. The door cannot interfere with subsequent actions of a person who entered. So, shamans cannot even observe what the spirits do with the objects of sorcery. Many of them are so far from normal communication with the entities that they must transmit information through symbols, to indicate a goal, create certain objects. The famous voodoo dolls are one of them.


We are going to disappoint the fans of mysticism and otherworldly – all the dolls sold today on the Web have the same relation to the real Haitian shamanism, like plastic swords to the world of Lord of the Rings. It is a wonderful souvenir that can decorate your book shelf. Or become a funny gift for one of your close friends. In true rituals, such use is meaningless. If only because every real shaman must make such an artifact on his own. It is at the time of manufacture that it not only creates a link between a person and a volt (as all objects of this kind are called). Putting his mental and emotional energy into the product, he makes it so that the spirit, touching the doll, receives a certain order. This can be not only love, spellcaster Maxim told us. Voodoo is famous for its aggression, and curses, illnesses, ugliness, loss of beauty, poverty and other troubles are cast with it.


The only suitable doll for the spells of binding is made only from natural materials. It is not sewn, as it would take too much time. A real popular voodoo master must perform rituals every day, or even more often. The embroidered cloth dolls sold in stores are the result of the fusion of two traditional artifacts: the gris gris bag and the doll itself. It is in the bag that objects, hair, photos, etc. are hidden, and sellers offer to do this with a fabric copy of a human figure, sewing a pocket into it, closed with buttons or a zipper. Most often, the shamans use clay. They may spend weeks looking for the right one, but all professionals grow and harvest the right ingredients themselves. A figure molded from clay is not allowed to dry. Using its plasticity, the shamans add to it various elements that will connect it with the object.


The ancient tradition implied that with the help of blood. After all, shamanism is primarily a cult of warriors and hunters. So, a hunter could come to a shaman, bringing the blood of an animal wounded by him on a stone axe and ask him for a successful hunt. A warrior could bring the blood of one of his enemies on his battle spear, and ask for victory. Male blood is difficult to obtain. A woman’s menstrual blood is easy to obtain. But the modern followers of voodoo rarely turn to clients with such requests. They understand that if they ask, they will cause confusion. That is why they prefer to do less scary things. They ask to send them:

  1. A hair, but not dyed, and not thermo-curled.
  2. Something from clothes; it can be a certain thing. The master will tell you what he needs.
  3. A napkin with traces of lipstick, saliva, other secretions.
  4. If you want a strong sexual connection with a man, then you will have to get his semen.
  5. Pieces of food left on the plate may be okay.
  6. Nails and skin fragments, for example, a cut burr.
  7. Some shamans work with urine. Some shamans work with sweat.

All this helps to charge a doll, connecting it with an object through a special energy link.


Ancient mystical schools say, and quantum physics confirms that the energy link between objects can stretch to any, the greatest distance, without losing either power or ability to conduct the energy. Therefore, no matter how far a person is, if you create a doll and link him with it, he will always be available for manipulations. All love rituals, for which you need to create a similar link, work analogously. Now the doll is ready, linked to the subtle bodies of the victim, and the shaman summons the spirit. He, having appeared, as if a bloodhound immediately takes a proposed trace, and passes to the person through the energy channel. Silent and invisible, it hovering around for some time, searching for weak points and looking for methods that will allow it to make an impact. Then (usually, when the victim is sleeping of intoxicated, fatigued or badly frustrated) begins to act, instilling in the mind the command “love.”


It seemed to us that it would be interesting to consider the attitude of spirits and how they act on people through a union of lesbians that is created with the help of the voodoo magic. So, there is a woman, let’s call her Anna. Having met with a girl named Bella at a party, she fell in love with her. But there were no reciprocal feelings. Anna tried to meet Bela and to impress her several times, but she failed. Then she began to look for someone who could cast a love spell. Her choice fell on a shaman from Southeast Africa. After talking online, and sending the shaman a jacket stolen from Bella, and a few hairs taken from her shoulder, Anna began to wait for the results. Soon they came in. The next time they met, Bella made the first move and offered to leave a party together. As soon as they were alone, the lips of the girls merged into a kiss.


The girls started dating. But Anna soon began to realize that she had made a mistake. Bella was not at all the heroine of her dreams. Rough, overly direct, with little interest in spirituality, she concentrated more on sex. After sex she asked her partner to cook something for her, ate and left. To the questions: “Do you love me?”, she always answered in the same way: “Of course, I love you”. With her behavior, Bella was more like a traveler, exhausted by thirst. She hurried to the spring, she reached it, took a few greedy sips, but as soon as she quenched his thirst, she already went on. True relationships did not happen. They, as spellcaster Maxim correctly says, missed:

  • Common interests.
  • Plans for the future.
  • Interesting conversations.
  • Just care.
  • Even the ordinary desire to take a walk, holding hands.

Alas, this is how almost all the love created by the shamans turns out to be.


To be honest, there is nothing to complain about. The shaman fulfilled his end of the deal. He cast a lesbian love spell, and the girls started dating. The fact that the customer is not satisfied is of little concern to the shaman. He will not redo his work, and he will never return the money for the work done. He will not even understand what claims can be, because the couple has been created, and hardly anything will be able to break it in the near future. He will be right, because only one person is to blame for this situation – Anna. She, not knowing what the shamanic witchcraft is capable of, expected too much from this occult school, which was not able to satisfy all the aspirations and dreams of the modern person. It doesn’t matter who he is – a lesbian, a straight person or a gay. The spirits consider the people primitive and, therefore, bind them through the most primitive needs. Instead of tenderness, they give a thirst for sex. Instead of attachment, they give a possessive desire to own. Instead of care, they give jealousy. And so on. Therefore, this magic is not suitable for the demanding and sophisticated natures, because it cannot give a real happiness of multi-level, diverse, never boring communication.


The following types of unpleasant consequences can be expected from poor-quality or crudely cast shamanic magic:

  1. Acute and prolonged loss of energy.
  2. Transition to the line of life that has nothing but suffering, on which the spirit will feed.
  3. Complete disappointment in the lover.
  4. Acute and inevitable disappointment in the relationships.
  5. Inability to part with a person who does not suit you or is tired of you.
  6. Generation of a curse in the subtle bodies.
  7. A failure in fate, which, even after parting, will interfere with building a satisfactory personal life.
  8. Chronic failure.
  9. An intensive exacerbation of diseases.
  10. Depression, disbelief in yourself, unwillingness to live.

Therefore, it is hard to say whether the effectiveness of shamanic help is better than the terrible things that can come along with it.


In every spellcaster’s list of spells he can do, there are the ones he is most excited about. For the occultists from Africa, these are rites of possession. Let love be nothing more than a desire to be with someone, not to let him go, to do everything so that he gives his energies only to you, in the case of obsession, all these desires become painful and, sometimes, even manic. The victim of such a ritual seems to go crazy. It was as if they took a knife and cut off everything that was significant before: plans for the future, hobbies, interest in work, creativity, desire to live brightly, communicate, absorb new impressions. Suddenly, there is nothing left that could have any meaning. All consciousness is filled with a single desire – to be near the “beloved”, and that’s all the efforts are spent on.


At first, it can even bring a certain joy – someone has decided to live for you. You are so dear to someone that he has replaced the rest of the world with you. But gradually you realize that something is wrong in the relationship. That the person does not treat you quite the way you would like. First, he takes too big place in your life. He literally won’t let you breathe, chasing and constantly wanting to be around. You are escorted to work; you are met after it. At home, your loved one literally walks on your heels, and you don’t have an opportunity to be alone even for five minutes. Second – and this is the worst thing – he doesn’t give you any nothing. For the obsessed, only your actions, your desires, the way you treat him are valuable. He can behave like a spoiled child, unable to do without constant maternal care. Third, (but by no means the last) the monstrous selfishness and jealousy beyond the bounds of insanity. He is afraid to lose you, he does not believe you so much that surveillance and control, suspicions and reproaches begin. It is understandable, because in the state in which the person is, the most terrible, most unbearable thing for him is to lose you and part with you. These are not empty words – if such a thing happens, some victims of such a spell may not be able to endure.


The purpose of a quality love spell is to give the true, voluntarily accepted happiness to the both, which is free from falsehood. It is very important for the real occult th have this law observed as a result of his help. Alas, this does not happen with the most powerful obsession spell. Let the customers be satisfied, because they received exactly what they expected. But the victim of their passions, lust and complexes cannot be called happy, even by a stretch. Ask such a person directly, and he will say that the feeling that completely filled him is love. But in the depths of his subconscious, he understands that what is happening to him is not normal, that the emotions that control him distort his life. This is what such a person feels, although he is not fully able to realize it:

  1. That he went off the right path of his life, and went in a completely different direction.
  2. That he is wasting his life, doing something completely different from what he should have done.
  3. He can look at you and understand how unpleasant, stupid, ugly you are, but something (he does not understand what) does not let him go.
  4. He is not left with a feeling of depression, subordination, that he is controlled by a certain force.
  5. As soon as he tries to free himself, fear and panic attack him, nightmares fall upon him.
  6. He is in desperate need of help, but he has feeling that the whole world is pushing you into your arms, and that help will never come.
  7. Being in constant stress, he begins to seize it, or tries to drown the unbearable intensity of his experiences in alcohol.
  8. He really loses all life goals, replacing them with a desire to be near you.


We cannot impose a final decision on you, give advice or teach. We just told you how this type of magic works, and what consequences it can have. But there will always be the people who are flattered that someone has lost their mind because of them. That a man who didn’t even return a smile yesterday is ready to kneel today and beg that you don’t chase him away. For someone, this is not acceptable, but for someone, this is their ultimate dream. But there is a nuance that we cannot but tell. This is about your karma. Hanging over you as an invisible judge and adviser, a code of rules prescribed for your life and diaries of all the good and bad that you have done, it will definitely give an answer. Considering that you have deprived someone of their will, turning them into an obedient, servile doll, karma will definitely demand retribution from you. Which retribution, spellcaster Maxim has already written about this on his resource. So, take a couple of minutes and be sure to read it so that later you don’t say that no one warned you about anything.



The masters of the Latin school do not condemn voodoo, just as they do not condemn any other magical school. They can only warn by saying that the magic of the Wiccans or various neo-pagan schools cannot help. But they demonstrate patience even to their adherents. Not only that, the high-class occultists spend years for studying the shamanic practices and incorporating various rites borrowed from there into their toolbox. They do this so that the assistance they provide is as complete and multifaceted as possible. However, this does not prevent them from making their own changes to traditional spells, and making them not so painful. First of all, because a careful attitude to the free will is the basis of the work of any magician. They do not want to rape and force, to cast obsession and confusion. Let this be the lot of the weak witches. The true professionals have always worked in a completely different way.


Indeed, coercion and intimidation are for the weak people. Powerful spellcasters prefer to have such an impact that the object falls in love on its own. According to one of the algorithms practiced by them, spellcaster Maxim shares his secrets, before casting a love spell, they analyze in detail what a person most urgently needs. The master says, we build relationships with the people who are ready to share their energy with us. But not just with vital energy (only the energy vampires need it), but with the people who give us exactly the energy that we miss the most. Here is a short list:

  1. Energy of activity.
  2. Strength and confidence in the future.
  3. Implementations, or what is erroneously called inspiration.
  4. Opportunity to appreciate yourself, but not to vegetate in uncertainty and lack of recognition.
  5. Energy of joy, wit, fascinating communication.
  6. Ability to raise the level of your sexuality to the maximum.
  7. Finding good luck.
  8. Gaining clarity and mental purity.
  9. Emotional stability.
  10. Feeling of being needed.


In a real spell, not only your future boyfriend always participates, but also you. A weak witch, due to her inexperience, will surely turn you into a donor. You will feed your partner, and it is in this feeding that he will see your only value. But here’s the bad thing – if he finds someone who will feed better and more generously, and at the same time will not push him away, your partner will immediately leave. The second huge disadvantage of this approach is that you will always feel weak, and you will not have energy to do your own business, since all your energy will be spent to maintaining relationships. The spellcasters create a mutually beneficial and pleasant energy exchange for both partners. E. g., you are given luck, you give power. You are given the joy of existence, you give security. You create using the energies of your partner, he basks in your energies like in a cleansing font. Since the best love spell casters organize an energy exchange at all levels (through all chakras), you can receive everything from a partner, as well as he can receive everything from you.


The best thing about the work of a true occultist master is that he always looks ahead. Your future is not indifferent to him. Knowing that anything can happen in it, that the future is like a huge castle with countless rooms connected by corridors, thanks to his experience, he paves for you the path that leads past troubles to the true happiness. But since everyone’s idea of ​​what’s best is different, you need to let go of your shyness and be honest about exactly what you expect from the spell. Fun, being surrounded by care, being saved from uselessness, an opportunity to love, to be close to a certain person, to receive material wealth, to have children, to build a family home, to be a happy wife – you can wish anything. The real spellcaster will never judge you. He will simply think about what exactly can help you get what you want, and he will choose and carry out the ritual with which all your plans will come true.


For this reason alone, the modern esoteric masters have completely reworked the classic voodoo rituals. Having studied them in detail, they found a weak point that overshadows the entire effectiveness of the African witchcraft – the free will be given to the spirits. They, being next to the person chosen for the role of the future partner, can do whatever they want with him. They can steal energies, they can force them to commit unseemly acts, they can make him their carrier, and much more. The second unequivocal minus is a connection through the lower chakras, through the most primitive instincts, which leads to constant indignation in the field of base desires and passions. All of this has nearly led the modern magicians to dismiss voodoo as unsuitable for the needs of the twenty-first century. But then, not wanting to give up such a valuable tool, they decided to reshape the ancient spells in their own way. They did it.


Now, the spirits are under control. They are forbidden to do anything except what was ordered by the magician. Any attempt to disobey leads to instant sending such a disobedient entity back to its dimension, where it will no longer come back from. This requires a huge power beyond human understanding. But the best magicians, and spellcaster Maxim is one of them, possess it. So, the new times have come. The union between shamans and entities, in which the representatives of humanity were only obedient servants, is terminated and annulled. Now, the magic game takes place according to completely different rules:

  • A spellcaster summons a spirit. The master does not change his own consciousness, but acts solely by the power of his own will.
  • The spirit humbly appears. It listens carefully to orders.
  • Not through a doll, but through a photo tuned in a special way, he finds the object.
  • It has an effect on it, the conditions of which are dictated by its master magician.


The results exceed the wildest expectations – the spells are strong and long. They change people and their destinies in full accordance with the requirements voiced by clients. The true love comes in place of obsession or violent attachment. The most interesting thing is that you can find similar, no less effective spells in the toolbox of other mystical schools. But the African spell binding love has its own peculiarities. They work great against selfish, arrogant people, or the people who have achieved great success, relying solely on their ingenuity, thoughtfulness and talent. The magic of warriors and hunters, voodoo, even today allows you to successfully hunt the rich people in order to turn them into husbands. To win the winners, making them faithful, caring and careful lovers. But, say the modern occultists, you should choose not the traditional African shamanic witchcraft, but the spells rethought by the professional European sorcerers.


Now, after reading our article, you know much more. Understanding what voodoo is, what advantages it has, and what unpleasant consequences can be expected from it, you will make your choice much more thoughtfully. You will no longer be like a person who publicly declares: “I want to order a shamanic rite, because I heard something about such rites.” When you come to a magician, spellcaster Maxim hopes (you can order a love spell from him, if you go to his website https://spellshelp.com/), you will demonstrate more humility and understanding. Trust and patience. You will not specify which spell you need. You say: “Master, help me. I love and want to be loved. But the man does not pay attention to me. I won’t point, and I won’t teach you. I will ask you to help me. How to do this, you know much better and, therefore, I leave the choice of a suitable love spell for you.”

But if you persistently continue to dream about a voodoo love ritual, then order it, at least not from the shamans, but from the people who transferred ancient witchcraft to the modern realities – from the highly professional European spellcasters.

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