Prince William calls urgent action to ‘save the Earth’


Prince William has officially issued an urgent plea, requesting the masses to help out and ‘save the Earth’ from the impending climate crisis.

Prince William was joined by the United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, Michael Bloomberg.

Mr Bloomberg, who also held office as the former mayor of New York City penned this “save the Earth” initiative together and referenced the “environmental devastation we are witnessing” as a result of the record-breaking world temperatures and wildfires.

The duo started off by addressing that the devastation “is growing larger than what was feared possible even a year ago.”

They also wrote, “For so many, simply breathing air and drinking water is now a health hazard. Many others have seen their food supplies grow scarce and their livelihoods threatened by disruptions to the climate, including in the ocean.”

“The science tells us that this is the decade to act – and that waiting is not an option… we must meet this moment with the optimistic spirit of President Kennedy’s Moon Shot.”

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