Useful methods to study for Class 10 Science Board Exams


As the time of the grade, 10 board examinations are nearing, students are preparing themselves for it. However, it’s not all that easy to crack tough subjects like science and mathematics but if students study efficiently, they can certainly ace their final exams. Generally, grade 10 pupils start studying or preparing for their final exams before one or two months but it’s not enough time to learn all concepts given by all subjects. 

This is why students struggle with time management when they try to study everything at the last moment. Hence, students fail at one or two subjects which they didn’t put much effort into due to the limited period. So, as a grade 10 student, you must avoid this situation. To successfully achieve a high percentage in the final board exams, candidates should start following important tips and methods of studying to help them reach their goals. Today, this article will brief students regarding 10 simple and useful methods to study for their science board examinations. 

9 Key methods for studying science for board exams 

Make a study plan 

The first and most crucial step and method to prepare for studying science is making an appropriate study plan. For this, students should enlist all the chapters according to their weight. This will help candidates decide which unit they should focus on most. Also, try to make the plan reasonable in terms of studying. 

Give enough time to all topics 

Next, pupils should not neglect any science subject. They should try to cover all Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This is often overlooked since some candidates may not be good at biology but are excellent in chemistry or physics and thus indirectly avoid the subject in which they are not proficient. However, students do not realize that all subjects carry weightage in the board exams, and skipping anyone can lead to a loss of marks. Therefore, pupils must learn all the topics to score well in their science. 

Understand your fundamental concepts 

Another very useful method to ace the grade 10th board examinations is to have a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts. This will help pupils to solve the questions better. 

Make a separate list of important notes 

Apart from this, it’s recommended by many teachers that students should make a separate list or notes for their theorems, formulas, and definitions. By doing this, candidates will not have to refer to the textbooks again and again. Likewise, pupils can easily learn the important things from their list. The psychology of going through big and heavy textbooks is something that all students avoid and thus to tackle such issues, it’s better if candidates jot them down in a different notebook. 

Highlight the definitions and examples 

The next helpful method is to simply highlight the key definitions and examples from the textbook. Typically, the question paper always asks students to define a theory and state an example of the same. This is a standard and scoring question that is certainly going to be there on the exam paper so thus, pupils should learn all the highlighted definitions and examples in the textbook. Also, for short notes or long answers, definitions and examples can fetch candidates a few extra marks as well. Overall, it’s a must-follow method, especially for grade 10 students. 

Practice end of chapter questions 

After studying a particular topic of physics, chemistry, or biology, it is suggested that students should try to solve the questions given at the end of the chapter. This set of problems are not exactly tough but are perfect to test your knowledge after a candidate has finished learning that chapter. Furthermore, there are all kinds of questions available at the end of the chapter and the best example is the NCERT books. These textbooks have excellent practice questions for students to solve. The advantage of using such books is that they are not limited to one language but are available in different languages including Hindi.

Solve papers of the previous years 

The best method to score high marks in science is to certainly solve the question papers of the previous years. This will be beneficial for students trying to learn the paper pattern or format of problems and get enough practice. Moreover, attempting past papers is a necessity for a grade 10 student for acquiring the skills like problem-solving and logical reasoning. These are important skills to get high marks. 

Complete studying short or easy topics first 

An effective method to study the chapters quickly is to begin learning the easy or short ones first. Since they will get covered fast and students can concentrate on the complex topics or high weightage chapters. Besides, this method is also helpful for students during the exams as they can quickly finish answering the easy questions to save some extra minutes. 

Revise as much as possible 

Last but not least is an essential method of retaining all the chapters and topics till the time of the examinations. This is a common issue that students often forget their previous learned things and have to re-learn them. To avoid this, candidates should continuously keep revising to remember all the content. 


In a nutshell, grade 10 pupils need to buckle up and begin following these effective methods immediately to score high marks in subjects like science. These are quite important examinations for a student as they reflect the hard work of the candidate. Moreover, the grade 10 marks hold value when it comes to admission in higher grades and also understanding the concepts of the 11th and 12th classes. 

Regardless, candidates should not get overwhelmed by the portion of any subject and attempt to complete studying all the topics in science before the exams. Also, it’s better if students have clarified their doubts otherwise it may bother the pupils during the final examination.  

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