What is Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)?

Manufacturers of original equipment (OEMs) use electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to provide manufacturing and engineering services that add value to their products. The term “contract manufacturing” is also used to describe EMS. OEMs can increase the operational efficiency of their organizations by allowing Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to provide value-added manufacturing and engineering services to them.

Electronics Manufacturing Applications

Electronic manufacturing services are increasingly sought after by OEM’s from various industrial sectors to the medical industry. Those days are long gone when OEMs worked with contractors purely for operational purposes. It is now an integral part of a well-designed business plan.

It has been discovered that manufacturers can gain significant benefits from collaborative approaches that improve the quality of their products and customer service. Consequently, OEMs can reduce their total costs and create value that they could not create on their own.

Below are a few critical applications to glance at, as well as their specifics:

Medical Devices: Healthcare OEMs focus on production processes, quality standards, and ISO 13485 certifications at electronic manufacturing providers.

Industrial Automation Devices: A broad group of devices used in industry-related processes, mostly for controlling and automating them. A good EMS provider supports high-mix, low-volume manufacturing for OEMs and supports a variety of processes.

Advantages of Electronic Manufacturing Services 

  • EMS offers the following benefits to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs):
  • Reducing costs. A reduction in capital investments is achieved by OEMs by outsourcing their EMS services.
  • Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) handle everything from design, manufacturing, testing, distribution, repair, and returns, reducing costs and risks.
  • The speed of delivery is improved by EMS. It is possible for OEMs to focus on other areas of production and therefore ensure that their products reach the market as quickly as possible by outsourcing the EMS services.
  • The agility and productivity of EMS providers can be improved.

What are the Challenges Faced by Electronics Manufacturing? 

  • In order to manage product lifecycles effectively, robust systems are required. It would be impossible for manufacturers to make informed decisions about their products without one.  
  • It is becoming more expensive to hire workers.
  • Competitors around the world 
  • Compliance and traceability issues
  • Products that are disposed of (E-Waste) and their environmental impact 
  • Medical, aerospace, and defense markets require complex, highly regulated infrastructure and support systems.

It is not new that there are challenges, but they are growing. The barrier can be broken by integrating advanced technology and electronics value chains.

Capabilities of Electronic Manufacturing Services Providers

Engineering Support 

Electronic manufacturing service providers employ engineering, production, and product management professionals. Thus, the EMS can assist Customers with product management throughout the production process. ETL, TUV, and UL product certifications are supported by ECO management, BOM management, and component engineering. Moreover, a manufacturer with an understanding of the production process and material structure can provide design for manufacture (DfM) and design for testing (DfT).

New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction, or NPI, is a critical process in electronic manufacturing. A qualified EMS provider will evaluate the new product thoroughly before it is implemented in serial production. In order to achieve this, a comprehensive risk analysis (P-FMEA) will be conducted, as well as the preparation of all program components, as well as trial production and material verification. Designing, building, and preparing all necessary tooling for a product is also part of such a procedure.

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