10 gifts for anyone obsessed with their iPhone

Gadgets, we all love them and our mobiles are something we all spend alot of time and money on.

We gathered some of our favorite iPhone accessories below – for both the new iPhone 14 and older generations – that are sure to put a smile on any Apple fanatic’s face

1. Apple MagSafe iPhone Wallet

The first-generation Apple iPhone wallet debuted with the iPhone 12. It attached to the iPhone with MagSafe, Apple’s magnetic tech for securing chargers and accessories to the phone’s back. The latest iteration boasts new colors and Find My compatibility. If the wallet detaches from your phone for more than one minute, you get a push notification marking its last connected location, which should hopefully aid you in finding it.

Apple MagSafe Phone Wallet,(opens in a new tab) $59

The new wallet doesn’t look too different, but packs a great new feature.

2. A Polaroid camera with smartphone controls

This isn’t technically an iPhone accessory, but the latest Polaroid camera pairs with an iPhone app. The Now+ camera and app lets users play with more advanced settings, like double exposure, self-timer mode, aperture priority, and more. You can even make light painting photos that look super artsy and the camera comes with lens filters for even more effects.

Polaroid Now+ Camera(opens in a new tab), $149

The latest instant camera is tons of fun.

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For folks who spend a ton of time on their phone, what better gift than… a new phone? Elevate your giftee’s smartphone experience with the iPhone 14. Features like 5G connectivity and all-day battery life are a must have for heavy users, and this latest model comes in some mouth-watering new colors, like midnight, starlight, red, purple, and blue. With T-Mobile you can give the gift of a good deal and a new iPhone 14! Sponsored by T-Mobile.

iPhone 14

Get a great deal on a new iPhone.

3. A 3-in-1 gimbal for TikTok pros

If you have an aspiring TikTok star in your life, or someone who’s always on the go and trying to capture their adventures, this 3-in-1 gimbal, wireless charger, and tripod makes the perfect gift.

The PowerVision S1 holds smartphones via a magnetic phone case or attachment, which is sold with the device and doesn’t require MagSafe. Once attached, the gimbal can stabilize your camera — which eliminates shaky video footage, even if you’re moving while capturing it — and be propped up on a tiny tripod. Its body can also wirelessly charge your phone.

The whole thing connects to an app that allows the device to use artificial intelligence to track people and objects to keep them in frame, and allows for gesture control to capture photos and videos.

PowerVision S1 Explorer Kit(opens in a new tab), $229

This tiny little gadget can do a ton.

4. Volonic Valet 3 charging pad

This is a wireless charger you get someone who is truly elite. The Volonic Valet 3 is a customizable wireless charging pad that’s made of luxurious materials. You can choose between fashion-grade alcantara or the same kind of leather used in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches.

The whole thing can be personally designed, from color and material to cord length and logo style.

It uses Aira FreePower technology, which allows up to three devices to be charged in any position on the charger. This is the charger for the bougie, but perhaps also the charger for those who haven’t upgraded to a phone with MagSafe. Just know you’ll be spending big bucks on it!

Volonic Valet 3(opens in a new tab), $585-$765

One customization of the Volonic Valet 3.

5. Moment iPhone car mount

For those who rely on their iPhone’s Maps app to get literally anywhere, this car mount makes looking at your phone while driving a lot safer and easier.

It mounts to your car vent, so no adhesive or suction cups necessary. An iPhone 12 or up can attach via MagSafe, which makes the process of clicking your phone in and out of the mount much quicker than traditional car phone mounts. And being attached to the vent means nothing is blocking your windshield. You can still see your iPhone for necessary directions, but it won’t be so distracting while on the road.

Moment Car Vent Mount,(opens in a new tab) $39.99

The mount attaches to a car vent with little effort.

6. A Bluetooth dongle for cordless flights

Ok, this gift is technically more about AirPods, but most iPhone users have those too, so it’s a safe bet. AirPods are great and all, but they’ve made flying a real hassle because most planes only offer audio jacks instead of Bluetooth compatibility. Instead of remembering to bring or buy wired headphones the next time you fly, this nifty little gadget plugs into the audio jack and wirelessly transmits sound to your AirPods. Until planes get the Bluetooth glow-up, this device is a must-have for any frequent flier.

Twelve South AirFly Pro Wireless Transmitter/Receiver(opens in a new tab), $54.99

You’ll never have to worry about bringing wired headphones again.

7. Razer iPhone gaming controller

When gaming on an iPhone, the touch screen doesn’t always cut it. That’s why a mobile gaming controller that fits around an iPhone makes the perfect gift for people who take their playtime seriously. This Razer controller fits all iPhone models, connects to the iPhone’s Lightning port for low latency, and has passthrough charging so gamers can stay powered up while they play.

Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone(opens in a new tab), $99

For low latency gaming on the go.

8. An attachable lens for amateur photographers

The iPhone 14 lineup got some solid camera upgrades from Apple, but the right attachable lens can take iPhone photos to a whole other level. A wide-angle lens is a good choice for amateur iPhone photogs because it works in a variety of scenarios — from portraits to landscapes — making it extremely versatile and worth the investment. This one from Moment is made from high-quality materials and is lauded for producing images with crispy clarity and low distortion.

Moment Wide 18mm Lens(opens in a new tab), $99

An everyday lens for all kinds of photographers.

9. Fangor WiFi and Bluetooth projector

A projector that wirelessly connects to a smartphone is a perfect gift for someone who already uses their iPhone for everything. Now those folks can project photos, videos, and streaming content from their iPhone from anywhere within WiFi range. This Fangor projector supports 1080p resolution, screen mirroring, and can connect to external speakers via Bluetooth. Users can also plug in the third-party streaming device of their choosing to watch streaming content.

FANGOR F405 Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth(opens in a new tab), $199.73

Perfect for movie nights in the backyard.

10. A versatile iPhone cleaning kit

Look, it’s not the most glamorous gift on the list, but it’s definitely the most useful. For the iPhone-obsessed, keeping their device in pristine condition is absolutely critical. This gadget goes beyond just cleaning the screen and has tools for cleaning inside the Lightning port and dusting off the speakers. It can also be used to clean the grime off of AirPods and cables. This way your giftee’s iPhone can look brand new… until the next iPhone comes out.

PurePort Multi-Tool iPhone Cleaning Kit(opens in a new tab), $23.

An iPhone cleaning multitool is the unsung hero of this list.

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