Latex mattress: China vs Thailand

A friend said to me, want to understand the latex mattress. I researched a lot of information online. The results said nothing, after reading the dizziness, it is better not to check. I asked my friend, if the elementary school arithmetic level only knows how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, to do college papers, solve calculus, you will be dizzy? The reason is simple: the most basic concepts are not known, how to determine the true or false? To understand the deeper meaning?

Can only see this statement is interesting to believe, hearing that statement also feels good, encountering contradictory statements will be blind… In fact, the mattress bedding does not need to study so much. Shoes comfortable or not, feet know; mattress comfortable or not, your body knows. Since many people are happy to do so, it is to make up some basic knowledge first.

What is latex?

Many people have seen a statement: a rubber tree can only flow out how many millilitres of latex per day, the best 10 inch mattress needs to be collected from many trees for many days to make, so do not think cheap, this is not finished.

Rubber and steel are known as the two pillars of industrialization, steel is the skeleton, rubber is the muscle. (Latex is the emulsion state of rubber, natural latex including rubber, protein, water, etc., so directly called rubber will be more scientific)

Thailand latex.

Some students may have to say, rubber use is wide, but also divided into advantages and disadvantages, I want rare Thai latex!

In 2016, the global production was 11.6 million tons, Thailand’s production was 4.5 million tons, and Indonesia’s production was 3.157 million tons.

Global rubber producing countries are mainly Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc. The rubber production of these countries accounts for more than 90% of the world’s total production, especially the first three countries, production accounted for more than 60% of world production, and the vast majority of rubber produced by these three countries for export, of which, Thailand and Indonesia’s exports accounted for more than 90% of the production ratio.

Since the production of Southeast Asian countries accounts for more than 90% of the world production, does it mean that it is difficult to use the raw materials of latex from these places instead?

If latex is really very scarce, not only are there no latex best twin mattresses to sleep in, the global industrialization process will be seriously discounted. And oil, water resources, like natural resources we need to cherish, can describe them as precious, but say rare, perhaps a little too much at present.

Domestic or imported.

Latex raw materials are basically imported, this point is said to be the production and processing. On this point, the conclusion: whether imported or domestic, to be sensible, the focus should be the product itself, not be “title”, a paper “diploma” bound.

Any market, there will be opportunistic people, human nature, the following is the general environment, we do not dwell on the special case. Many people mistakenly believe that Thailand is the main producer of latex mattresses, the clever woman can not cook for no rice, raw materials are exported, but also processing what.

Thailand’s two economic pillars are: agriculture, tourism. Production and processing has not yet reached the stage of climate, the ability to large-scale processing, you do not have to sell raw materials to make money. In the past, we also came from the agricultural country to this step, for the same reason, the road can only go step by step.

So, which is the strongest manufacturing industry?

China is a big manufacturing country, the absolute king. In rubber products, China is also the king. China’s rubber consumption accounts for 40% of the global total, and is the world’s largest rubber consumer. It can be said that China processes and manufactures 40% of the world’s rubber products.

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