New Sonic the Hedgehog Lego Sets Out August

Sonic’s Four New Lego Sets Look Cool

Mario has received a ton of Lego sets, so it’s only fitting for Sonic the Hedgehog to get his own, too. Lego and Sega announced that the Blur Blur and his friends will be the star of a few Lego sets releasing in August.

The four new Lego sets are Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge, Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island, and Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge.

The four sets run between $34.99 and $99.99. The $34.99 set comes with Sonic, a spring, an arch, a ramp, a Badnik, and an animal. The $39.99 comes with Tails, Sonic, a workshop, Tails’ plane, and an animal. The $49.99 set has Amy, Tails, a little bit of Green Hill Zone scenery, a Badnik, and three animals. And the $99.99 set has Sonic, Amy, a big loop, Eggman, two Badniks, and four animals.

Lego games have taken many forms, from brawlers to puzzle titles to platformers. The trailer shows these sets in action and even gives users a taste of how they can send Sonic flying through the ramp using the spring mechanism.

These sets were rumored in 2022, as images for them leaked out onto the internet. However, five were included in that leak, and Sega only announced four here. That last set may be related to Eggman, which is further hinted at by the villain’s outro near the end. Judging by the item numbers in the aforementioned leak, it appears as though the $59.99 set with the number 76993 is the one that has yet to be revealed. Sega also released a Sonic Lego set as a part of Lego’s Lego Ideas initiative that does include Eggman, but it has a different item number and price and came out well before that leak.

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