You can go miles with the right pair of shoes!

Visiting a modern shoe shop or online fashion merchant can feel a bit like pick and mix sweets – you are faced with all kinds of choice, but may struggle to know what to choose! 

With shoes, sizing is obviously important. But so is the fit, comfort factor, style and brand – and not least the price. Whether you are looking for something tough to cater for your sporting pursuits or a stylish pair to go with an evening dress, it always pays to do a little pre-prep to get your thoughts in order before you buy

Impulse buys can sometimes pay off, but if you are looking for shoes that last for a long time and provide the support you need them to, you have to put in a little more homework.

Getting a foot in the door

Visit Nike stores to see the scale of options available to you. A good shoe is not just about the brand name on the side. Instead, take into account that all shoes are built with a particular purpose in mind. From cheap ‘about town’ models through to speciality footwear for certain sports, there is a shoe for everything.

Another important thing to consider is that shoes are not just about looking good on your feet. Yes, looks are important, but so are considerations such as ankle support, cushioning, fit and durability. 

Price or quality?

It is always easy to state that the more you spend, the better quality product you will get in return. Shoes are no different, and although there are plenty of cheaper options, you also need to consider what you will need your shoes for. Let us explain.

Even if you buy the most expensive pair of walking shoes, they will probably not last long (or be good for the health of your feet) if you use them for an activity like long distance running. In other words, spending a lot of money on shoes does not always buy you happiness! More importantly, you need to think carefully about what you will use your shoes for.

Do this by analysing your lifestyle. What activities do you do most? Look for shoes that are custom made for those activities. 

When you have done so, you will be in a much better position to asses the optimal shoes within your price range. This way, whether you shop at the top or bottom end of the price range, you can be assured that the shoes you are choosing are designed for what you are asking them to do.

Shoes and your health

The other big factor when buying shoes is the impact they can have on your health – positive or negative. Pay particular attention to the materials the shoe is made from – these will help you understand the quality of the production. Needless to say, the higher quality the build, the more effectively your feet will be supported.  

Taking the time to find a comfortable fitting shoe that is designed for what you will use it for will potentially save you from injury and painful conditions such as blisters. They can also reduce stress on your muscles and joints to prevent longer-term conditions from developing.

Is it worth the hassle?

To be honest, how much research you put into buying your shoes is down to you. Of course, you can always buy a pair of shoes quickly and unless you make a big mistake, they are likely to be fine. 

The real value of researching your shoe purchase comes with reducing injury to your feet, and to potentially save you from having to continually invest in new shoes. This value will come from matching the right shoe to your needs, and therefore preserving their longevity. 

Although they are mainly known for running shoes, Nike stores in AU have all kinds of choice for all tastes and styles. You can think about your ideal balance between style and fit. While in store, speak to a specialist advisor who will be able to guide you through the process. 

Buying new shoes is a lot of fun! You can boost your confidence, and really feel great as you strut your new look! You will enjoy it – and so will your feet! 

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