10 Websites to Find paid work as a Freelance Graphics Designer


We work in an era with millions of people across the UK run their own business.

Here at MarkMeets with our team in London and now LA, we still reply on freelancers from showbiz reporters, graphic designers for our promotional side at putting on red carpet events like film premieres to content writers .

Working as a freelance graphics designer can be a whirlwind ride sometimes. One minute you’re creating terrific graphics for a stress-free client, the next, you’re dealing with a creative block and fielding questions from an indecisive client.

Getting a steady stream of well-paying clients can be difficult, and relying on one-time gigs isn’t sustainable in the long run. However, freelance websites offer interesting work with fantastic compensation rates.

You have to leverage your portfolio and connections to land those gigs. Let’s get into it: here are ten of the best websites to find high-paying freelance graphics design gigs.


Upwork is the most ubiquitous freelance job marketplace for freelance talent across many industries. However, it’s a fantastic platform to be a graphics designer, as thousands of companies and individuals are looking to hire the best talent at competitive compensation rates.

There are options to set your preferences for long-term projects with clients or work on a short-term basis, and your choice depends on your availability, among other things.

You must have an excellent portfolio of work on display to succeed here. Additionally, you can use the Projects Catalog section to display your work. Upwork also has great contract fulfillment and protection features, so you are assured of getting paid as when due.

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Based in the UK, YunoJuno is one of the biggest job platforms for elite freelance creatives, including graphics designers. As a freelancer, you can connect with clients worldwide and choose what projects to work on.

You can rest assured that you’ll get steady jobs depending on your skill set. For example, gigs may range from making minor graphic changes to simple video edits to using advanced Photoshop and Lightroom software.

Additionally, the site helps you organize your workflow. Other advantages of working on YunoJuno are the direct communication channels between you and clients, contract and time management, billing, and analytics.


Originally geared towards tech developers and programmers, TopTal has also developed a full talent pool for creatives in the graphics space. Thus, freelance graphics designers will find a large market for their talents on this platform. However, you’ll have to pass skills tests, assessments, and interviews to work on TopTal.

Once you’re past the rigorous assessment stages, you can access a large pool of recruiters and companies looking for amazing designers. This is fantastic as you’ll work on teams looking to create excellent products and other exciting projects.


Freelancer is great because it’s free to join. However, you must write and pass skill tests to verify your skills. This helps you stand out from the competition as potential clients see you have the professional skills to handle their projects.

The site is also ideal for less-established graphics designers with small portfolios. While you may only be familiar with basic photo-editing software, you can pitch ideas to clients via contests or apply to job listings as a freelance designer. Alternatively, clients can reach out to you directly to handle a job.

You can also build a portfolio, allowing potential clients to see if you will be a good fit for their projects. After some time, you can apply to become a Service Provider or Preferred Freelancer.


Fiverr is a great platform to kickstart your freelancing career if you are new to freelancing. Although it’s a general freelance website, graphics design is one of the top services provided on Fiverr. As a freelance graphics designer on the platform, you can offer clients different services and design packages at various price points.

However, the competition on Fiverr is hectic, and it’s not easy to find those high-paying clients if you’re new on the site. To help your profile stand out from the rest, spend some time crafting a solid bio and building your portfolio. You should also note that Fiverr takes a 20% cut from every payment you receive for your projects, so you might have to hike your fees per client.


Behance is a social network for designers and is a great medium to land gigs as a graphics designer. You attract clients by sharing your designs on the platform as a freelancer. However, you’ll need to create an account and build credibility to start getting those jobs.

Additionally, looking for jobs that fit your current needs is easy using the search features and filters. The platform is free, part of the Adobe tools ecosystem, and integrates nicely with other Adobe tools you may be using, such as Adobe Photoshop Express. Thus, uploading your designs using other Adobe products is super easy.


Dribbbles’ appeal lies in exclusivity. As a freelancer, you can only get on the platform if you receive an invitation from an existing member. This ensures only the best talent gets in.

Consequently, clients on the platform are willing to pay higher fees for top-class work. To find work, you’ll typically have to use the Project Board, available only to freelancers on a Pro Business plan or higher.

Prices for the plans range from $5-$15 monthly, and you can communicate directly with clients. Also, clients can look at your portfolio and reach out to you to work on a project for them.


You can find a space for your design talents on 99Designs as it supports freelancers across various design services, including logo design, webpage graphics, and simple photo edits. The vetting process is rigorous and requires you to do your best work.

However, finding a gig on the website is as straightforward as receiving a project brief from a potential client and submitting a pitch. On other occasions, clients may host contests where you compete with other freelancers by sending detailed proposals, after which the client selects the freelancer they like best.

As a freelancer on 99Designs, you will place in any of the site’s Entry, Mid, or Top levels, depending on your skill level. However, you can apply for a “promotion” to the next level every six months.


You can join Working Not Working by simply creating a profile, which makes it a great choice for freelance design creatives. Additionally, it’s 100% free, and you as a freelancer don’t pay any fees.

The site caters to high-end clients and companies; you’ll have to pass its vetting process to access them. Passing the assessment qualifies you to receive a Vetted Badge, which enhances your credibility and earning potential with clients. You can also set daily and hourly rates for your projects, switch availability periods, and ensure that your profile is optimized for discovery by clients.


PeoplePerHour allows freelancers to send 15 proposals to clients monthly, although you can buy more credits to send more proposals. This allows you to meet more clients.

However, you must get on the platform and fill out an application to join. Then, you can start building your profile when your application is accepted. You can add work samples to your portfolio, fill out your career experience, and start getting matched to projects that fit your preferences.

You can also build and sell pre-set design packages, called Offers, to interested clients. However, you should note that the site charges a $0.78 service fee and 10% of your project payments as administrative costs.

Find Your Next Gig and Increase Your Earnings Using These Websites

Landing your next well-paying graphics design gig should be a breeze if you check out the sites listed in this article. While they cater to various design needs and price points, you can find something that suits your work preferences and get started on your next project ASAP.

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