3 Best Online Degree Programs for Working Adults

Unlocking the potential for growth and advancement in the professional world is a journey that never truly ends. For many employed adults, the pursuit of education, specifically degrees relevant to their jobs, has become an increasingly common and invaluable path. Astonishingly, statistics reveal that approximately two-thirds of working individuals choose to further their education in ways that align directly with their career aspirations.

The significance of attaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree, particularly one that directly correlates to one’s field, cannot be overstated. Such academic achievements not only empower individuals with advanced knowledge and skills but also offer substantial benefits for the companies they serve. In this competitive age, a well-educated and skilled workforce is an asset that can elevate an organization to new heights, securing its position in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Did you know, that around two-thirds of employed adults pursue their education, which is relevant to their job? Being an employed adult, getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree, especially one relevant to the field, is pretty useful to score your company better and earn higher.

In addition, the best online degree programs for working adults also allow you to earn recognition for your working experience. Colleges are content to register employed students because they are worth it. For this reason, usually, employed adults enrolled in an online degree program.

We have enlisted the three best universities along with degree programs that are suitable for employed adults.

List of Best Online Degree Programs for Working Adults

1. Programs by Thomas Edison State College

Thomas Edison State College takes pride in being entirely for adults, and it offers the most online degree programs for them. The Thomas Edison Credit by Thomas Edison Credit-by-Exam Program, which enables students to earn credits by passing final examinations instead of just enrolling in courses, is what makes TESC unique. This is a simple and inexpensive way for adults who have obtained relevant work-life experience to earn credits.

By signing up for an exam, earning credits, and then moving the credits to their preferred school, even learners who are not currently enrolled at TESC can benefit from this approach. Prior to enrolling, make sure your school will approve the transfer credits by contacting them.

And due to lack of time and workload pressure may seek someone to ”take my online class”. However, online degree programs are worthy and should be considered for better future opportunities.

2. Programs by Central Christian College of Kansas

Six online bachelor’s degrees are provided by Central Christian College of Kansas. The college is aware that adult learners need the freedom to finish their coursework at a place and time that works for them. Thus, the degrees can be completely finished virtually from anywhere in the world. Every program has a different timetable.

For example, completing 40 courses, each lasting 6 weeks and being offered one at a time, is a requirement for the Bachelor of Science in Business in Organizational Leadership. This enables the student to conveniently complete their degree in 5 years. Everything at this school, even the bookstore, is available online.

3. FlexPath program by Capella University

The second on the list of best online degree programs for working adults comes The FlexPath program by Capella University. It is a great option for working adults seeking accelerated programs because it has some of the most convenient online courses available. Weekly deadlines and planned lessons are not included in FlexPath.

Instead, within the 12-week time frame of a full course, students work at their own pace. Within this period, there are no weekly targets, allowing you to adjust how quickly or slowly you learn depending on your own needs. However, the 12-week timeframe is the ultimate, and you must finish your assignment before then.

Online exams are conducted for each course, making sure you’ve learned the necessary material. Your degree from Capella University’s regular program will be equivalent to the degree you receive from a traditional university. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business, IT, and psychology are available through FlexPath.

Final Verdict

In the United States, there are numerous excellent online degree programs for working adults that help them pursue their education. But you should emphasize tuition costs and courses while enrolling in any program. Since a lot of online institutes offer flexible and quick online degree programs to adult learners. So, no matter how busy your schedule is, distance education provides you with the opportunities to learn at your own pace.

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