8 Strategies to Enhance Efficiency, Boost Productivity, and Save Time

As a multi-business entrepreneur, I’ve learned the true worth of time and the necessity of working efficiently. Over the years, I’ve developed several practical techniques that have significantly streamlined my work processes, minimized distractions, and maximized productivity. In this article, I’ll share my eight favorite efficiency hacks that can empower entrepreneurs to seize control of their time and accomplish more with less. These strategies have been instrumental in my daily operations, particularly while managing my successful media focused news brand, MarkMeets

1. Batch Emails to Reclaim Focus

Email can be a constant source of interruption, siphoning precious time away from focused work. To combat this issue, I recommend adopting the habit of email batching. You can utilize tools like “batched inbox” to set specific times for email delivery, restricting it to twice a day. Personally, I prefer dedicating focused time in the morning and at the end of the day for email management. This practice frees up the rest of my day, allowing me to concentrate on vital tasks and projects.

2. Create Email Filters for “Unsubscribe”

Maintaining an organized inbox is crucial for clear thinking. You can establish email filters that redirect any emails containing the word “unsubscribe” to a separate “newsletter” folder. This action declutters your primary inbox and provides mental space to prioritize and address essential emails more efficiently. You can allocate specific times to go through your newsletters and select the ones you wish to read.

3. Batch Similar Tasks Together

Switching between different types of tasks can be mentally taxing and inefficient. Embrace task batching by grouping similar tasks together in your to-do list or project management tool. For example, you can schedule all email marketing tasks for Wednesdays and media buying tasks for Mondays, as I do on Asana. This approach conserves mental bandwidth and helps maintain focus on specific activities throughout the day.

4. Silence Slack and Phone Notifications

Phone distractions can be the biggest productivity killers. Turning off Slack and phone notifications while working is crucial. The “knock knock” sound of a Slack message can disrupt your concentration and momentum. Silencing these notifications creates an environment conducive to deep work. Even a 40% increase in deep work time daily can yield substantial benefits for your business over time.

5. Prioritize Communication and Avoid Being a Blocker

Effective communication is vital for the smooth operation of a business. Structure your day so that you’re not a roadblock to your team. For example, I prioritize addressing emails, chats, and messages from my team at the start of the workday. By promptly responding to your team’s needs, you eliminate potential obstacles that could impede their progress. After handling immediate communications, you can immerse yourself in deep, uninterrupted work.

6. Limit Meetings and Opt for Efficient Alternatives

Meeting fatigue is a common challenge. Try to schedule as few meetings as possible, as they often consume significant time and yield minimal results. Most people dislike meetings but suggest them due to a sense of obligation. When someone suggests a meeting that appears unnecessary, kindly propose an email instead, which can be more efficient. This approach is usually well-received since most people prefer to avoid unnecessary meetings.

7. Embrace Asynchronous Communication

Today’s work environment is highly interconnected, but these connections can often become distractions. To take the previous tip a step further, consider implementing asynchronous communication platforms where appropriate. Tools like Loom, which allow you to play back video messages at an accelerated speed, or threaded discussions in project management platforms, are more efficient than live Zoom calls or continuous Slack chats. Such tools enable recipients to process and respond to information at their convenience, promoting a more flexible and productive workflow.

8. Reserve Slack for Urgent Matters Only

While Slack is a fantastic tool for real-time communication, it can also lead to constant interruptions. I recommend using Slack exclusively for urgent matters and encouraging your team to do the same. Establishing this norm within your company culture creates an environment where everyone can focus on their tasks without feeling overwhelmed by constant notifications. By reserving Slack for genuinely urgent matters, you ensure that important messages stand out from the noise.


Time is a precious asset for entrepreneurs, and it should be treated as such. By implementing time-saving practices, you can regain focus, reduce distractions, and achieve higher levels of productivity. Efficiency isn’t just about doing more work in less time but about achieving better results with the time you have. By incorporating these strategies into your daily routine, you can unlock your true potential as an entrepreneur and, in turn, unlock the potential of your team. Efficient working methods not only benefit you but also create a more productive and harmonious work environment for your entire organization.

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