A Guide on Picking the Best Online UPSC Class

If you are a UPSC aspirant, you must know how important it is to get the right preparation track. Complete consistency, great determination, and hard work with smart work will help you pass the UPSC examination with flying colours. 

Good preparation is one of the critical factors for UPSC examination success, which is why choosing the best source of preparation is very important.

With so many online options, it becomes difficult to choose the best one, and the same is valid with online UPSC classes. With such a variety of online courses, it becomes tough to pick the best online UPSC classes. But do not worry! This post will discuss some crucial tips to help you choose the right preparation coaching centre.

How to Choose the Best Online UPSC Coaching?

  1. Check the Syllabus They follow.  

When it comes to UPSC preparation, the syllabus is something you can never compromise with. The exam is considered one of the toughest exams in India, and the reason behind it is its vast and engaging syllabus. It takes almost 18 months to finish the complete exam syllabus. So, checking the syllabus before selecting that particular coaching will be wise.

To check the full syllabus, you can visit the official website of UPSC. Match the curriculum that the coaching centre is following. If their curriculum follows the syllabus, you can go ahead with it; otherwise, look for other options.

  1. Check If They Provide the Right Study Material 

Only online classes are not enough to clear the examination. Along with online classes, you need study material too. Good study material will provide you with a firm grip on the syllabus. And as everyone knows, self-practice is the key. So, it becomes crucial to have the correct study material with you. Go through their study material and check if you are comfortable with the notes and books they provide. 

  1. Know Their Test Series Pattern 

Some online coaching includes test series with the package, while some do not. It is better to choose a plan where you can get free mock tests and test series. The mock test will let you know the level of your preparations. With mock and test series, you can also keep track of your pace and accuracy.

Before buying any coaching subscription or plan, check if they provide test series. It would be best to look for a plan with maximum test series, doubt-clearing sessions, and mocks.

  1. Check If the Class is Worth Its Price 

If you are paying a good amount, you must expect the right technique for preparations. Do not ever ignore the pricing for the UPSC class. Go for the subscription only if you feel their efforts are worth the price.

You can use their test series pattern, study material quality, teaching methodology, and duration to get the best out of the price you pay. If you feel the online fees are not worth the effort, do not hesitate to look for another one.

  1. Check the Duration of the Coaching Class 

Duration plays a vital role if you are choosing any online Coaching. This is because, suppose you start your preparation 12 months before the examination date, then you will have to choose a particular plan. And in case you choose to begin the preparation seven months before, you will have to choose other plans. 

If you want to start preparing right after the 12th class, so choosing the right coaching also depends on the duration you choose for your preparations. 

  1. Check for Their Mentorship and Guidance

Long and consistent preparations for UPSC might make you feel low at times. You may feel you are losing your energy, but don’t worry; this is common when preparing for such examinations. During your preparations, you will need a mentor too. 

Here, the assistance of a coaching centre will be beneficial. They encourage you, mentor you, and ease your concerns. They reply to your problems pleasantly and sympathetically. To the best of their skills, they make an effort to resolve your academic problems. So, it becomes important to know if the online UPSC coaching offers you the right mentorship. 

  1. Check on Their Methodology and Knowledge Delivery

This is very clear that no coaching is the same. They are different in their unique way. Similarly, every candidate is different and has different capacities and opinions. To get the best online class you need to check if you are comfortable with the methodology they are teaching with. Are they matching your pace? Are you able to get together with their teaching pace?

Covering the curriculum and imparting knowledge that helps you grasp are two different things. Such delivery by topic specialists and domain experts is facilitated by coaching. The best coaching schools use knowledgeable professors. They give lectures that simplify complex concepts, impart fundamental knowledge, and support your preparation.

Concluding Words

With such an extensive list of online classes, it becomes difficult to choose the best coaching centre at UPSC. You need to check course details to get the best. You must ensure you are getting the right teaching methodology, the right guidance and education worth the price. So, follow these tips to find the best online UPSC class to ace your preparations. 

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