Best Software Development Providers In Europe

Startups in Europe are growing like tulips in the Netherlands. And it often happens that a small, young company can’t manage on its own – and it needs help. That is why we have created a list of the best software companies in Europe.

Of course, many companies didn’t make the list for many reasons. Some of them we might have just overlooked. But the list was created based on strong methodologies, the variety of programming languages, and the quality of the solutions.

Top 4 software development companies in Europe

Geeks Ltd, London

An interesting company that develops custom software. They work both with large companies and with small private businesses, adapting to the specifics of the client. 

The company works with PC software, mobile development, and web application development. They are specialists in databases, automation, and building business platforms.

They focus on clear requirements for the project to provide the right functional solution to the problems. They use Agile methodology in their work and do not forget about TDD.

Who has worked with them?

  • BBC
  • HMV
  • EasyJet

Apiumhub, Barcelona

Barcelona has long been considered one of the best innovation centers in Europe.  No wonder so many new startups have appeared here in the last few years.

Barcelona is often called the center of European innovation, and for good reason! A lot of startups have been “born” here in Barcelona lately. 

Among them, we wanted to single out Apiumhub. They offer a wide range of development services, including mobile development, web development, and so on. They combine technology, design, and usability in their projects. They work together with other industry experts to take all the nuances into account.

Their clients are also diverse, forcing them to adapt, looking for both niche and one-size-fits-all solutions. Their expertise consists of industrial companies in a variety of industries. And the workers have in-depth knowledge of software architecture, development, microservices, design, etc.


ReactJS, AngularJS, Scala, Java, and more.

Use Agile methodology, continuous integration, as well as TDD in testing.

Clients include:

  • Adidas
  • AXA
  • Typeform

ScienceSoft, Finland

A company from Finland has been in the development and consulting business for 33 years. The development veterans help companies transform their IT infrastructure and participate in developing innovative solutions. They do not pass by niches such as big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, or computer vision. The company works on the scheme of continuous development and DevOps. 

Thanks to their experience, professionalism, and, at the same time, innovation, they manage to maintain their popularity among customers from different fields: manufacturing, finance, commerce, and healthcare. 

Clients include: 

  • IBM
  • Nielsen
  • eBay

Futurice, Stockholm

Futurice designs and builds digital services and helps companies in general when it comes to the digital transformation process. Their core business is mobile and web application development, but they also do other things like solution architecture, quality assurance, and Agile coaching.

The company’s main niche is digital transformation. The company deals with web app development, mobile app development, solution architecture, as well as Agile coaching, and quality analytics.

Among the technologies preferred languages and platforms that can quickly and efficiently translate client ideas into reality: are Ruby, Spring, Java, NodeJs, and Xamarin.

Clients include:

  • Orange
  • EyeEm


We included companies in this list based on their experience, technologies used, popularity, and feedback from real clients, as well as their versatility. 

Of course, many worthy companies are not included in this list. If you are at the stage of searching for a development company – do not necessarily choose from this list, be guided by the benefits, experience, and technology. Perhaps your software development partner is among them and could very well take a place among those mentioned. Do not immediately think about changing the company developer. If your partner works well and has all of these qualities – perhaps he is the one you need.

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