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A background remover application has more uses now than it did before. There is a lot more content that is being created for various reasons. Moreover, there are different types of content that require all kinds of images as well. A popular example would be of product photos. These types of photos are absolutely needed when it comes to online marketing, advertising, promotions, and more. Besides that, a background remover tool can also be used for creative projects as it can enable designers to place an object from one image into another without making it look off. VanceAI BGremover aims to make it easy to remove background from photos because it can be tricky, especially for those who are not into photo editing in the first place.  

Why are product photos important for e-commerce? 

Product photos are a huge part of what makes up a digital marketing campaign. In fact, if you’re a business that creates products, it is really important for you to take high quality photos of your product no matter the medium through which you’re selling. VanceAI offers users aneasier time when they want to remove image background in favor of another background. By being able to remove background from image easily, professionals or designers can use assets from various images to create something unique and special. Either way, a product photo that manages to speak to the viewers will have a much higher chance of driving engagement, traffic, sales, and more towards the business or the brand. 

It can be argued that product photos are the most important to e-commerce, especially online. However, it is undeniable that a great product photo can actually benefit many more parties and individuals. There are many firms that deal with marketing, promotions, content creation, etc. who would benefit from high quality product photos as they automatically enhance their credibility in the eyes of the viewers. Not to mention that such photos are also useful to photographers and designers themselves. The concept here is similar to that of content itself. High quality and valuable content will upgrade anyone that is associated with it. Since images are one of the key factors in marketing, it’s no surprise that it can have such effects as well. 

What can you do to take better product photos?

While most other background remover applications do offer decent results in terms of the transparent background output, a photo editing tool powered by AI and Machine Learning technology for image processing. Therefore, you can remove background online and pretty quickly by using this tool. All it takes is one upload and a few seconds. Another advantage that users get is having more than 14 other photo editing tools on the platform. Users can easily edit photos in multiple ways under the same platform, where all the tools are automatic. If you’re a beginner, this is a really great way to get started with photo editing. Also available in Japanese. 

We can see from the example image that itis adept at removing background from images with precision. The bottle is clean cut from the image and there is no visible trace of the background left. Not to mention that the tool was able to provide the result in just a few seconds. After getting the result, you can even click on Change Background to edit the image further. 

How to make good product photos to sell online with AI Background Remover?

This guide deals with the steps of using AI Background Remover in order to use AI remove background online.

Step 1: Click on the link given above to get access to the tool. With a different page than tools.

Step 2: Once inside , you can upload the image needed, work with the settings given on the right, check image credits, and more. Upload an image and click on Start to Process to remove background. 

Step 3: After a few seconds of processing, displaying the result on the right side of the original image. From there, you can use the Download Image option to save the image or click on Change Background to edit the image more. 

Additional Options

Transparent Background Maker is a pretty handy tool to have because it can offer background removal but also additional tools that help in editing the result image even more. Once you get the image, you can use Background Changer for replacing the transparent background with another solid colored one. If not, you can either use a scenic background or upload a background photo of your own choice. A rather hidden feature is PNG Maker, which is something that happens automatically for all the images that you process from the tool. Since PNG images are preferred by the designers more than other file formats, converting the image to PNG. If you’d rather avoid the PNG image format, you can convert it back using related tools. 

Tool features into other tools if need be. For example, passport photos require you to have a white background. With that said, you can easily rely for making appropriate passport photos as the features embedded into this tool make sure that your photos have a white background. It achieves this by converting your image background into a transparent background and replacing it with a solid white background. 


Check all the boxes when it comes to a great background remover tool. Apart from that it offers additional features that are not usually seen from other online background remover applications. Pays attention to each of its photo editing tools, which is why it is able to create some level of synergy between them. 

Lastly, it is affordable to get started First, simply by having an account there will grant you 3 image credits per month for free which you can use on any online tool. You can remove background from image free of cost. The paid options are plenty and reasonably priced.

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