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Nowadays the mobile gaming app market is one of the largest areas for monetization. According to Statista, such products generated almost 178 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 and are expected to reach $268.8 billion by 2025. About 50% of users spend their free time playing games on their phones or tablets. But this does not mean that the standard versions are not interesting for gamers. Let’s take a look at the prospects and growth dynamics of this industry and development in general.

Ordering the Development of Games — Customers & Stages of Cooperation 

Game development is a specific field of programming that requires extensive knowledge of mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and graphics skills. Without proper education, people are unlikely to succeed in this area. The work of a game designer seems easy but, in fact, this profession requires a lot of skills, constant training, and continuous communication with specialists in various fields. When people order game development services, the process of creating 2D/2D versions consists of several stages:

  1. Pre-production, that is, the creation of a concept, development of a script, graphics, and multimedia that will be used in a future version.
  2. Deciding on a graphics engine.
  3. Creating a prototype and testing it.
  4. Improving the game loop in which subsequent logical layers are created.
  5. Engagement of testers to check the game, find errors, and make detailed reports.
  6. Elimination of the last errors and completion of the entire production.

The whole process of creating games for Android (or any other mobile system) is almost the same, although developers need to fine-tune the game for a specific device. For 3D versions, it’s a much more complex process that takes more time and completely different graphics. Some studios hire animators and actors to replicate motion sequences using capture techniques. Other teams collaborate with musicians and famous composers for creating sound effects.

How to Choose a Professional Game Development Team

Now any release of computer games can be compared with TV or film productions. Newly developed ones are fundamentally different from those programmed in the 1980s and 1990s. In the 21st century, many enthusiasts are involved in making games — both desktop and mobile versions. But not every creative team will do this task well. So, searching for a professional may take several days. Before hiring a game designer, consider the following:

Does the experienced designer work in a team?The creation of any game involves the addition of graphic objects — background, avatars, obstacles, and so on.
What testing methods has the company adopted?Most games are developed following a certain step-by-step procedure. This is the best way to create high-quality digital products. When launching the game without testing, users will report bugs.
Experience in promotionWhen ordering game development services, you should choose teams that offer comprehensive promotion. Otherwise, it’s not possible to make money on a digital product.


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