How to Write Blogs That Get High Ranking

Have you been wondering why your blogs don’t get the high ranking you would like to achieve? Today, blogging has become huge with billions of blogs on the current market. So the competition is huge. Today, to make a living from blogging you must strive to create high-quality content. No one will waste time on boring content anymore when they have the option to read a myriad of quality content. In 2022, you want to create catchy, informative, and unique content. 

Still cannot get a high ranking even though your post has all these? There might be no problem with the quality of your writing, or how much people like you. Chances are, your content isn’t optimized in a way that people may easily find it. If you feel like your blog should be receiving more views, this information could help you succeed. Outstanding blog posts that spark people’s interest and make them want to return to your page isn’t only about writing technique. 

How to Attract Traffic to Your Site 

The key is to get consistent readers, and the better traffic you create, the more readers you get. Among the many available tools, Ahfres can help you use SEO to boost your blogs, research your competitors, and dominate your niche. You want to focus on creating blog articles that people want to read and attract your target audience. The way you can get traffic to your site may vary. The various channels can be organic search, or social, direct, and referral traffic. 

People who reach out to your website come to your source differently, depending on how they find and consume your content. You could even use paid ads and email marketing to enhance the number of your readers. As with all paid posts, you have to know what you are doing, be consistent, and be willing to invest. They can work well that way. The same applies to your email list or social traffic. You may try this already earlier, and your traffic faded away after a while.

It can feel discouraging to see yourself achieve new heights, only to see them quickly fade away. These can be those spikes of hope you don’t want to give up after! There is hope via organic traffic that can immensely help your production. It is also free and should grow on its own, provided it is something people seek. Therefore, it doesn’t fade away quickly. You can achieve hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors on your blog with organic traffic. 

Your Topics’ Traffic

You shouldn’t discontinue your PPC campaigns or stop sending emails to your list, though the organic search will help those visitors find your content who seek quality information. How can you do this? By coming up with content that is about your audience, not you. New bloggers may make this mistake, using the first person. Similar to providing services as a small business owner, you need to focus on helping people with solutions to their problems in your content. 

Usually, the pages that use hundreds or thousands of keywords strategically, get the highest traffic. But it is also true that top-ranking pages only get about 27% traffic compared to the search volume of the main keyword. Therefore, you need to consider your topic’s total traffic potential. You could also generate a lot of content ideas by entering a more general topic in your niche instead of a specific one. For instance, using the words working and working remotely.

Some Tools to Do Keyword Search

A short keyword can consist of one or two words, a long one can be three to five or six words. You should always aim to give exact keywords and aim to put longer keywords in your blog posts. If you do a Google search on working remotely as a digital nomad, for instance, you should be looking at the search suggestions at the bottom of the search page. These can help you identify long keywords that are not too commonly used. 

The Moz SEO software offers you a free 30-day trial. You can also search up to 5 keywords free daily. You don’t have to become an SEO pro to use this software but if you decide to write blogs for a living, this tool can be handy to search plenty of keywords! Someone could provide you with their membership details to use Moz after your 30-day trial expires. If you are planning to work as a blogger though, it’s a good idea to buy it!

Although Ahrefs is an advanced tool, it is a bit pricey, only used by a few professional writers. If you try the free option of Moz, it will give you many free keyword suggestions, including the monthly volume for each of these keywords. Besides SERP Analysis and monthly volume, you can learn more about your keywords’ difficulty, opportunity, and priority in percentage. It is not too expensive to sign up, so it could be worth the price. 

Important Blog Parts

You should aim to place your keyword in your blog title, either Title or Heading 1 text category. You may use different headers, such as Heading 2 and Heading 3. You need to include images, you can name them using your keywords again, to receive more clicks. If you want to improve your headlines, the CoSchedule headline analyzer can help you score better headline quality that can get you more traffic and SEO value. 

Try to get your keyword the closest possible to your title! If you used Moz before the headline analyzer, you may skip using the latter. You may have more Heading 2 subtitles, at least one of them should contain your keyword. Heading 3 is a smaller subtitle, might be used less, it doesn’t have to include your keyword. The frequently used Yoast SEO plugin ensures automatically that your blog post description becomes the first couple of sentences of your post. 

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