Modern Love’s College Essay Contest And Writing Tips For Submission

MBA Essay Help: Tips for a Successful Submission

When it comes to choosing a topic, it’s essential to consider the popularity of certain themes. According to a paper research service provider.

Crafting a compelling essay for submission can be a daunting task. With approximately 100 essays received each week, the odds of getting chosen are roughly 1 in a 100. However, don’t let these numbers discourage you but with the support of MBA Essay Help you can deliver a first class assignment.

If your essay doesn’t find its place in there’s still hope with these Submission Tips.

Submission Tip #1
Modern Love receives about 100 viable essays a week (meaning essays that are reasonably well written and targeted to the column). Which means, of course, that the odds of getting
chosen are roughly 1 in a 100. Some people tell me those odds aren’t bad. Others tell me they’re terrible. I guess it all depends on your level of confidence.

In any case, some of the essays that don’t find a place in Modern Love get published at a quirky site called Modern Love Rejects.

Submission Tip #2
Question: Among the hundreds of received every month, which of the following do you think is the most popular topic people choose to write about according to paper research service provider *.
a) Flirting via Facebook
b) Online dating
c) Losing a loved one to cancer
The answer? Drum roll…..
c) Losing a loved one to cancer. It’s not even close.
For a column called Modern Love, this may be surprising. But it makes more sense when you consider that people often are spurred to write to come to terms with a devastating experience,
and cancer is among the most common that people of all ages are dealing with.

The problem is that we can publish VERY few such stories, and the chances of having your
essay chosen if it’s dealing with cancer or focusing on grief from such a loss are remote. Write about something meaningful, but for better odds I’d recommend avoiding direct explorations of
death, grief and loss.

Submission Tip #3
The Modern Love column runs in the paper at pretty close to 1500 words. Most editors I know prefer to get submissions that are somewhat longer than the run length (in my case, about 1700)

This year, with college life disrupted as never before, students shared stories of experiencing isolation, navigating identity, managing mental health, returning to family, hooking up with hometown homebodies and finding community in surprising places.

Today, we are pleased to present the best of that writing, leading off with our winning essay, “My Plea for a Sixth Love Language,” by Layla Kinjawi Faraj, a first-year student at Barnard College in New York City.

We look back at this year’s Modern Love which opened its sixth college essay contest, asking college students nationwide to tell the truth about love today.

The last contest saw many users enter who had been seeking for best paper writing service to help them deliver the standard required when we all have such busy lives.

Write a short story on any subject. This is a flash fiction contest. How will you share your short story? Cash Prize!

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Deep thanks to everyone who participated, and to our contest readers, Danya Issawi and Emma Grillo!

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