Play Guitar Faster: 7 Expert Tips to Boost Your Learning Process

Playing the guitar comes with plenty of benefits that most musicians experience. It can enhance your concentration, improve your hand and eye coordination, boost your confidence, and, most of all, relieve your stress. However, these advantages are not instantly felt by all guitar players, especially beginners.

Guitar playing might sound so cool and exciting. But it has its challenges, and without a proper guide, using the instrument can be frustrating. You can end up failing to get the correct tune or to keep up with the music pace.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place. Because today, we’ll share with you expert tips on how to improve your guitar skills and play faster.

What Causes Beginners to Slow Down?

There are various ways to learn to play the guitar for free, such as watching video tutorials, participating in free courses, or asking a friend for help. But when practising on your own, some factors could cause beginners to slow down with the strumming, picking speed, and learning process.


Well, there is always a first time in everything and facing difficulty at the beginning doesn’t mean you can’t do it. However, the confusion in playing the guitar could affect your progress and make you slow down. As a starter, it’s hard to know where to start, what you need to do next, and what basic songs you should practice first.

Long Fingernails

If you like your fingernails long, learning quicker and increasing your guitar speed might be more complicated. Long fingernails on the fretting hand can hinder pressing straight down on your strings. Plus, if the nails on your picking hand are not at an ideal length, it can be a lot harder to do fingerpicking. They can make your training take a lot longer and mess with your guitar playing speed. If you prefer not to cut them short, you’ll need more time and practice until you get the hang of it.

Wrong Equipment

Having the right equipment is crucial to ensure a smooth learning process. Sometimes, not using the right tool for beginners could slow you down.


To start playing the guitar fast, you’ll need great focus and discipline. Thus, if there are distractions while you train, they could affect your performance and overall progress.

How to Play Guitar Fast

With the right strategies, along with your dedication, playing the guitar like a pro isn’t impossible. Here are some expert tips that can make your training sessions a lot more effective:

  1. Use a Starter Equipment

To learn guitar faster and perform smoothly, you’ll need equipment that is easy to handle. So, we suggest using an acoustic guitar first and enhancing your skills before jumping into more challenging types of guitar, like the electric guitar.

  1. Practice in an Ideal Environment

The room you’re in as you spend your time practising can create a big difference. If you stay in a noisy environment with plenty of distractions, you won’t be able to focus on your training, which requires a serious amount of attention. Therefore, try to play somewhere comfortable.

  1. Use the Easy Version of Chords

Between the two main types of chords that include open and barre, you need to start with the open chords as a beginner. This type will be easier for you to master. In addition to that, use the easy version of chords in your practice. We suggest starting with the open chords Am, C, D, Em, and G, followed by A, E, F, Bm and lastly, the final beginner batch, which consists of B, Dm, Fm.

  1. Practice the Rhythm

Rhythm is essential in any type of music. If you are passionate about learning how to play the guitar, you need to learn how to strum and coordinate the strumming with the music rhythm. You can watch and get inspiration from professional guitarists online and keep practising your strum until you blend it into the music.

Take note of how the guitar is being held and the position of the fingers when strumming. Keep in mind, that the last note on your starting string has to be strummed upwards and the starting note on the next string has to be done with a downstroke.

  1. Learn the Songs You Love

No matter how basic the chords are, if you’re not into the song you’re practising, you can just end up losing your interest and motivation. For this reason, you’ll need to start with the simple songs that you love to help you play fast and enjoy what you’re doing even more. Aside from that, doing so will encourage you to practice more often and adapt easier to the rhythm of the music.

  1. Level Up Your Progress

After accomplishing your goals as a beginner, you shouldn’t just repeat the same process over and over again. You need to level up your progress and go through the next step, which is from beginner to intermediate. Guitaring is a complex thing, and there’s much more to discover about it. So as soon as you perfect the open chords, you can move on to the barre chords, which are harder but more exciting.

  1. Go through a Proper Training

Lastly, if you want to maximise the potential you have in you and learn fast guitar playing, it would be great to undergo professional training. It’s a quicker and better way of enhancing your talent and expressing your inner passion.

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