Jesy Nelson raises awareness of domestic abuse in comeback music video

Jesy Nelson has explained why she chose to angle her new music video for her latest track Bad Thing around an abusive relationship.

The former Little Mix singer, 31, announced her return to music by teasing snippets of a video for the new song that she claimed was the ‘start of the album’.

Jesy Nelson has introduced fans to a bad boy character as she gave the first look at the music video for her comeback single. Beginning with a romantic spark between a barmaid and her customer, the old Hollywood-esque clip slowly unravelled to tell a far more sinister story, echoing the lyrics of the slow ballad.

Jesy revealed her intentions behind the graphic heartwrenching ending to the video during a live Q&A at the Everyman Screen on the Green in Angel on Thursday (April 13).

When questioned about why she chose to sign off – what can only be described as her short film – by curling up on the floor having just endured physical abuse from her partner, the star nodded to the women in her life.

She said of the lyrics she co-wrote: ‘I just feel like so many women in my life have been through horrific experiences like this and I just really wanted to raise awareness about it.

‘I think it’s such an important topic that hardly anyone ever speaks about. There’s so many people that go through it and they’re too scared to talk about it and so I just think it’s really important’.

The Boyz artist worked in collaboration with Women’s Aid while shooting the concept and attached helpline notices to the beginning and end of the music video.

She continued: ‘That’s why it was so important for us to keep it real because most of the time it takes a long time for people to leave [these situations]’.

During the chat, Jesy also addressed her mascara-filled tears towards the end of the footage and assured the crowd they were 100% her own.

‘Everyone thinks that my makeup artist just put streaks of mascara down my face because they ran in the most perfect lines but they genuinely were real tears!’

Jesy’s upcoming song will be the former girl band singer’s first release since she began her solo career in 2021 and debuted the track Boyz in collaboration with American rapper Nicki Minaj

She’s previously teased a solo album, confirming in August that the record was ‘finished’ with an emotional social media post.

Jesy said at the time that she had ‘never felt more proud’, meaning fans can surely look forward to a wild ride of tunes sometime soon.

Jesy Nelson’s Bad Thing is set to be released on Friday, April 14

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