Best Sponsored Post Sites Every Blogger Should Use

If you are wondering how to get sponsored posts for your blog or website, this article is for you.

Sponsored posts or sponsored content is a new way of advertising and promoting even though they have been around for a while, and they are gaining more popularity now.

These paid posts don’t just pop up whenever you open a new site, they don’t look sales-y and an amazing way to spread your network as a blogger!

What is A Sponsored Post?

You can compare sponsored posts to native ads, but they contain a little less content than native ads. They are designed in a way that they look like the environment they are posted in. For example, if a sponsored post appears in a magazine, it is likely to be in an article form, and you won’t even know if you are reading a magazine article or a sponsored post.

Another good thing is sponsored posts are fun to read, and that is one way to keep the readers engaged without them knowing what they are reading is a sponsored post and not an article. You won’t find languages that are used in ads like, “sale! sale! sale!”

On the internet, these paid posts appear between a blog post and an advertisement. The sponsored posts have more information than a traditional ad because it comes directly from an influencer, publication, or blog. Many brands look for sponsored posting on blogs that they relate to and reach out if they find it their perfect fit.

There are two ways to sponsor your post; either you could accept paid posts on your blog sites or work with influencers to sponsor your post on their sites.

Blog Niches Do Well in Sponsored Posts

Various niches can turn out to be more profitable for your blog. Here are some of the niches that help you attract more readers:

Food Blogs: Food blogs or recipe blogs are the most searched and popular blog niches, and we can all agree to that since when we try out our cooking skill, searching for the recipe and these blogs provide us with just that.

Personal Finance: These blogs provide you with tips to save money and managing your budget, and who does not want to save money? These niches are trendy.

Health Blogs: Being health conscious is a trend these days, and everyone wants to be healthy, so if you run a blog where you post workout sessions or diet plans, your blog will reach many readers.
Beauty and Fashion Blogs: These niches are quite popular. You know you can always rely on such blogs for getting some college outfit tips or ways to improve your skin or hair and even the best product recommendations.

Types of Sponsored Posts for Bloggers

After knowing what sites to go to when you want to sponsor your blogs and the niches that help gain more attention, it is normal to think about the kinds of sponsored blogs.

Here is a list that will help you learn more about the different types of sponsored posts:
Content Hub

This is for selling different products as it offers eye-catching images of the products, which attract the audience. It was first made for a sneakers company where they posted delightful photos of the sneakers to keep the audience engaged. It also provides different links and showcases a product that a traditional advertisement can not do.


Listicles are more fun to read and are more popular among readers. They look more attractive than a journal, and they carry to the point information. Even though the information is to the point, yet it provides every detail that you need to know.


You must be well aware of this one. Whenever we view a YouTube video, we come across videos that are basically an advertisement. Still, we somehow get hooked watching them as they seem pleasing to our eyes and provide a lot of information. Sometimes, the content could inspire us, so we end up learning more about the ad.


The one we are talking about here, sponsored articles, can be found on blog posts or magazines, and they are written in a way that you wouldn’t know if you are reading a sponsored article or a blog post or magazine article.

Sponsored Post Guidelines You Must Follow according to MarkMeets Media

Sponsored posts come with certain limitations and instructions that every blogger needs to follow. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued some guidelines that bloggers should keep in mind, especially those in the US.

The posts should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed.
Forms of media should match.
Every media should have a disclosure.
Your support links shouldn’t be distracting to your main disclosure.
Hyperlinks may be acceptable, but they should only be used when your disclosure can not be shown appropriately.
Size, colors, and graphics matter.
The disclosure should be as close as possible so that it is more effective.

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