How Artists Can Use Spotify For A Music Promo, Tips And Tricks

Independent musicians can utilize some features

For Spotify for music promotion. The platform is a popular music streaming service that offers numerous tools to artists to help build their music careers. Creating and verifying your Spotify for artists account improves your credibility as an artist. 

You will have access to some options to help you run successful music promos. You can submit your latest releases to playlist editors and receive notifications when you get placements. Besides, you can identify your listeners and note your popular tracks with them. The following tips and tricks are also helpful for a successful Spotify music promo.

Engage your audience

Building your Spotify followers is vital to getting your music heard on the platform. Listening to your tracks isn’t enough. You have to engage your listeners actively to get them to follow you. Your music receives more attention when Spotify users who play it shares, saves, or feature the songs in their independent playlists.

Active user engagement can prompt Spotify’s algorithm to feature your songs on playlists. Upload content that will interest your audience, like behind the scenes of an unreleased track, a remix, or live performance. Then ask your listeners to share the content and follow you. Your audience is likely to interact with you when you give them incentives.

Spotify Promo Cards

This tool helps you develop quick designs for your albums, tracks, playlists or images for artist profiles. You can share your creations on social media platforms and even use different image formats for each channel. Besides, this feature allows you to download images for designs from other sources.It is ideal for uploading great content constantly on Spotify. As a result, the materials you share on the platform will draw your followers’ attention. You can use Promo Cards to customize and refresh your posts. 

Spotify Canvas

This feature allows artists to engage their audience via their artist profiles. You can upload short looping videos (canvases) that will play in the background as listeners play your music. The content can be a still JPEG or 3 to 8 seconds MP4 videos. Add a different image or video for each song to make your content more appealing. You can drive massive engagement with great videos. However, this feature is available only on the mobile app.

Share your music from Spotify

The platform offers various direct sharing options for your music content. The platform’s built-in share function for music content distribution on social media channels provides the best sharing experience. You can direct your social media followers to Spotify, increasing your following on the platform. Consequently, your music will gain massive exposure.

Adding your songs’ lyrics on Spotify can engage your audience. They can read along while listening to your music. You can add the lyrics on the platform via Musixmatch. Also, you can promote your live streams on your artist profile through Songkick. You can also promote your live shows via the same partner and entertain your fans.

Creative use of Spotify features can arouse the interest of your audience and leave them expecting more from you. With Spotify Ad Studio, you can create and manage advertising campaigns for your music. This feature allows you to reach new listeners.

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