Instagram Branding: Tips and Tricks For New Business

If you want to create a unified online presence that your audience will enjoy, your Instagram branding should be your first concern. Strengthening your Instagram brand can help you develop a more appealing Instagram feed by guiding your content development approach.

Instagram appears to be built for branding in many ways. It fosters engagement, rewards stylish images, and caters to a wide range of niches, making it suitable for almost any business. And, with over a billion unique users, people adore using it, so your Instagram branding initiatives will start with a captive audience.

However, if you’re new to Instagram branding, things might not appear to be going so well at first. There’s a learning curve involved, and the best options aren’t always evident. Here’s our Instagram branding guide with some advanced tips and methods to help you get your name out there.

Key Benefits of Instagram Branding  

Still not convinced about Instagram branding? There is no need to be concerned. Let’s go through some of the primary advantages of Instagram branding and why you should care about having a beautiful and consistent online presence. 

  • Develop a Sense of Trust

If you create a professional-looking and maintained Instagram feed that is relevant to your brand voice and design principles, your followers will have much more belief in you.

Your audience can tell when you put consideration into the information you provide and how it looks and feels in comparison to your website and other social media pages. They like your brand’s consistency and the fact that they can recognize it through your content.

  • Make Your Brand Known

Your audience will be able to recognize your content across numerous platforms if your Instagram branding matches your company’s overall identity. Using a consistent color and font pattern in your branded images is one wonderful method to ensure that your audience can tell whether a post is from your company right away.

Top 5 Instagram Branding Tips  

Let’s go into some strategy recommendations now that you know why this may be such a great asset for your Instagram presence. What can you do to improve your Instagram brand? 

  1. Make Your Profile More Appealing

Your profile serves as your home base for Instagram branding, and it is where the majority of individuals who are interested in your business will first come to it. Your username, handle, and profile image are the most important aspects, but your link, address, and bio are all important.

When it comes to usernames and avatars, simplicity always wins out over cleverness. Your company logo is a fine default picture, but feel free to change it up with different backdrops for special occasions like holidays or Pride Month. Using your logo as a profile image builds customer-brand associations, thus it’s most successful when you have a well-designed logo.

In your Instagram profile, you have one outgoing link, so make the most of it. Your bio description is a terrific way to introduce oneself, but it’s only 150 characters long. Your major and secondary hashtags should both be included in your bio.

  1. Choose a Theme That Goes Well With Your Branding Objectives

Because Instagram is such a large platform, striving to please everyone is a bad idea. Rather, you should identify your target audience and create content just for them.

When you choose a theme and stick to it, this method works well. If you’re a fashion brand, for example, your theme might be candid images of people wearing garments in ordinary situations or glamor shots of accessories. Mixing topics is something brands should avoid, such as a fashion brand sharing apparel photos and kitten videos. Keep to your lane!

Themes can also be applied to your visual style, such as filters, color palettes, and shot compositions. Give a lot of gritty black-and-white photographs to your audience if they enjoy gritty black-and-white photos. You may use statistics to determine which themes and styles receive the most likes and comments, and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

Remember to keep your Instagram identity consistent with your other social media platforms. To maximize the proper associations and avoid confusing signals, use the same color schemes and visual styles across all channels. On that topic, make sure to include Instagram in all of your other marketing efforts, such as video advertisements or contests.

  1. Set Attainable KPIs

It’s difficult to gauge social media performance, but it’s tempting to use likes and followers as a sort of “scoreboard.” Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor your performance and throw light on problematic areas is best, much like other company outlets.

KPIs for Instagram branding is frequently focused on the number of likes a post receives, as well as comments, and page followers, you can buy some followers initially as well at and hashtag usage—but they must be reasonable and attainable to be effective.

On Instagram, you’ll see firms with millions of followers, but acquiring a thousand or even a hundred followers is still a success story. Because your numerical performance is dependent on your industry, company, and target audience, try basing your goals on the figures of similar brands.

Look for brands of your size, in your industry, with your sort of customer, rather than your competitors, especially if they have a larger marketing budget. Also, keep an eye on the rate of your audience growth, they are essential to your business growth. Having a hundred followers isn’t necessarily a sign of success, but gaining a hundred in a single day could indicate that one of your posts or campaigns was very popular. 

  1. Make Use of Popular Content Styles

“What do I post?” is one of the most often asked questions concerning Instagram branding and marketing. As previously stated, depending on their distinct style and goals, different sorts of brands will find different types of content to be successful. However, no matter what type of business they’re employed for, several common content categories seem to work well.

  • Artistic Photographs

Photographs that are attractive to the eye are the reason Instagram was created, and they continue to generate a lot of likes and engagements. Artistic images are a visual style that may be used for any Instagram business or content strategy, rather than a single theme.

  • Comic Strips

Comic strips poke fun at whatever theme you’ve chosen and work well as multi-image postings for more engagement.

  • Text and Quotes

When people agree with the sentiment, single-line quotations, whether inspiring or cynical, do well. Just make sure they’re following your main Instagram branding theme—funny one-liners won’t work if your brand is trying to be nostalgic or sweet.

  • Content Created by Users

Posting your followers’ work (with attribution, of course) is a great way to build relationships with your audience and encourage them to post more about your company.

If you’re having problems spreading the word about yourself, hold a contest with prizes for the greatest content about you. But don’t forget to use a contest-specific hashtag.

  • Videos

Instagram Stories and Reels allow users to upload video content to the network, which can open up a lot of new possibilities, as we’ll discuss further below. Skills in videography and editing are always appreciated, but don’t let your lack of expertise limit you—Instagram users aren’t expecting Citizen Kane.


When working with a team, brand rules are vital for maintaining your online presence branded and consistent. Put all of these suggestions and tricks to work for your Instagram brand immediately. Then begin to work on growing an even bigger group, generating traffic, and making money.

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