Top 5 Sites to Buy Spotify Followers That Stay Forever

If there’s one thing that completely changed the music industry, it would be Spotify’s popularity. The app is increasingly popular among music artists trying to build an audience, and it’s also growing as a podcast medium. Regardless of the type of content you share on Spotify, you can probably benefit from increasing your follower count. 

Buying followers has become a standard practice for anyone trying to beat the competition and stand out on Spotify. Because it can be difficult deciding which vendor to buy from, we’ve done the research for you.

What You Gain When Buying Spotify Followers

Before we go over our choice of websites providing this service, you should know what you stand to gain should you make the investment. Here are a few benefits you may consider:

  • More organic traffic towards your Spotify account
  • Higher ranking according to the algorithm
  • Listeners will perceive your content in a more positive light
  • Increased popularity on Spotify as well as other platforms
  • Growing fan base

In other words, once you decide to buy followers, your account is practically boosted and your journey towards Spotify fame jumpstarts.

What It Means For Followers To Stay Forever

Given the many benefits of buying followers, there are also numerous scam websites that sell low quality followers based on bot accounts. These accounts tend to get deactivated by Spotify (as their policy bans bot usage), and so the following you purchased are simply—gone. 

The solution is to buy only from reputable vendors that sell permanent Spotify followers. These are from actual accounts run by real people, with real activity on the platform. 

Top-Rated Spotify Follower Sellers

In your quest to find worthy vendors that sell followers, you’re going to find hundreds on scam websites. So, we’ve curated a list of the top rated websites to buy Spotify followers from, all of which have verifiable track records. 


Price per 1000 followers$8.90
Packaged Deals for Bulk Orders?Yes
Estimated Delivery TimeFew minutes
Gradual (Drip-Feed) DeliveryYes

We begin this list with the most popular website solely focused on boosting Spotify accounts. This gives the team at SpotifyStorm the added expertise because they’re one and only job is providing metrics for Spotify users. Any and all followers you purchase on SpotifyStorm are guaranteed permanent, and they make every penny you spend worth it. 


Price per 1000 followers$8.95
Packaged Deals for Bulk Orders?Yes
Estimated Delivery TimeSame Day
Gradual (Drip-Feed) DeliveryYes

While other websites choose a diverse approach to social media metrics, Jaynike sells followers and likes for audio-related social media platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. The accounts they use are run by individuals who have proven active participation in said social media networks. In other words, you’d be getting followers that are Spotify power users that have a greater impact on the algorithm.


Price per 1000 followers$5.49
Packaged Deals for Bulk Orders?No
Estimated Delivery Time24 Hours
Gradual (Drip-Feed) DeliveryYes

Leading this industry for most (if not all) social media networks, SocialWick also sells permanent followers for Spotify. Their years of experience guarantees you will get results almost instantaneously. Finally, it may seem counterintuitive to opt for a website that doesn’t offer bulk discounts, but their prices are so low that they might as well be discounted prices. For such an affordable rate, SocialWick provides premium quality services. 


Price per 1000 followers$6—$20
Packaged Deals for Bulk Orders?Yes
Estimated Delivery Time2 days
Gradual (Drip-Feed) DeliveryNo

This website is slowly making its way into the social media promotion industry, but it stands out for their impeccable service. One reason users seem to want to try out this seemingly newcomer in the industry is that they offer country-specific followers. This allows you to introduce geographical targeting to your promotional strategy. Nonetheless, we confirm that the accounts they use are not bot accounts. The follower drop rate is considered low in comparison to others in the industry despite being higher than others on this list.  


Price per 1000 followers$18
Packaged Deals for Bulk Orders?Yes
Estimated Delivery Time24 hours
Gradual (Drip-Feed) DeliveryNo

Lastly, this is a website that’s well known for their speedy delivery and premium quality followers. While their price might be a lot higher than others on this list, they claim it is the price for guaranteed permanent followers. We would have preferred better customer support from this website, but it’s still a lot better than many other options available.

Final Thoughts: Which Website Should You Buy From?

At the end of the day, your top choices for buying permanent Spotify followers are SpotifyStorm, Jaynike, and SocialWick. Each of them offer remarkable services and have proven that they can get results.

All that’s left for you to do now is choose how many followers you want to put in that order. Hurry up before your competitors get the idea. 

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