Jack Grealish: Aiming for England Glory After Manchester City Triumph

In the world of football, few experiences can match the euphoria of winning a treble, especially when it involves conquering the English Premier League, the FA Cup, and the coveted Champions League. Jack Grealish, a prominent figure in Manchester City’s triumphant 2022/23 season, knows this sensation all too well. However, Grealish believes there’s a new peak to scale, one that involves donning the England national team jersey and clinching victory in Euro 2024.

A Stellar Role in Manchester City’s Triumph

The 28-year-old Grealish played a pivotal role in Manchester City’s historic treble-winning season. Under the masterful guidance of Pep Guardiola, the team managed to sweep aside every obstacle that stood in their path. The Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League all found their way into City’s trophy cabinet. For Grealish, it was a season to remember, and he cherishes the memories of the remarkable journey.

Yet, Grealish is no stranger to setbacks and challenges. The start of the new campaign was marred by an injury – a severe dead leg that sidelined him for nearly a month. Despite this, he displayed resilience and determination, making his return to the City starting line-up for a thrilling 3-1 Champions League victory against RB Leipzig.

The Englishman’s comeback extends beyond the confines of his club, as he has earned his place back in the England squad. England is set for a Wembley double-header, facing off against Australia and Italy, and Grealish is ready to don the national colors once more.

The Quest for Greater Glory

While basking in the glow of their treble-winning season, Grealish is already setting his sights on an even more exceptional achievement. He believes that topping their remarkable club success is a daunting task, but he has a clear vision of what could eclipse it. Grealish candidly shared, “I don’t mean this to sound weird but it is difficult in a way because you have such a high of winning the treble and then you do think ‘what would ever top that?'”

In the realm of club football, only a handful of achievements could potentially surpass a treble win. Grealish contemplates the idea of winning all four major trophies, including the Carabao Cup. However, City’s recent exit from the Carabao Cup served as a reminder that the path to glory is filled with challenges.

Another notion that tantalizes Grealish’s footballing ambitions is the prospect of an ‘Invincible’ season – a season where a team remains undefeated. However, the unpredictability of football was evident when City’s ‘Invincible’ aspirations were dashed by an unexpected defeat.

Grealish’s resolve for greater achievements is not limited to the club level. He firmly believes that reaching new heights with the England national team is the ultimate way to elevate his career to the next level. “After the season that I had with City, it was an unbelievable season, one of the best of my career, especially in the second half of the season when I was playing a lot more, playing with confidence,” he explained.

In the company of a talented and determined group of players, Grealish sees a bright future for England. He expressed, “I think now we (England) have the perfect team, the perfect manager guiding us. We’ve come close on two occasions, and I feel like we are just getting better and stronger.”

The optimism stems from the formidable talent that graces the England squad. Grealish acknowledges that many of his teammates possess the skills and prowess required to play for any club in the world or represent any international team globally. Achieving success with this remarkable group is now his top priority.

Southgate’s Perspective

Gareth Southgate, the England national team manager, recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities that Grealish and his fellow attacking talents bring to the team. Southgate, who Grealish acknowledges has “one of the hardest jobs in the world,” appreciates the depth of talent at his disposal, particularly in the attacking positions.

Southgate has witnessed Grealish’s transformation since his move from Aston Villa to Manchester City in 2021. He describes the development of Grealish as a player, stating, “He has grown as a player.” Southgate goes on to highlight the immense pressure and demands placed on a player when competing for a club like Manchester City, where winning is expected week in and week out. This environment, with a demanding coach and high stakes, has contributed to Grealish’s growth as a more well-rounded player.

The England manager recognizes the unique qualities that players like Grealish bring to the squad. He mentions other players with distinct perspectives, such as James Maddison and Trent Alexander-Arnold, who see the game differently and have a unique vision of the field. These differences in viewpoint and style of play contribute to the squad’s diversity and strength.

Southgate is well aware of the task at hand – molding a diverse group of players into a cohesive, winning team. The challenges are substantial, but so are the rewards. Grealish’s evolution as a player and the collective strength of the England squad represent the promise of a bright future for English football.


Jack Grealish’s aspirations for the future of his footballing career extend beyond personal accolades or club successes. While his role in Manchester City’s historic treble-winning season remains a cherished memory, he looks to the horizon with optimism and determination. His desire to achieve even greater success with the England national team illustrates his commitment to his country and the sport he loves.

With Gareth Southgate at the helm and a talented and diverse group of players, the England national team is poised for a period of growth and success. The challenges may be significant, but the potential rewards are even greater. Grealish’s journey, marked by resilience and ambition, continues as he sets his sights on Euro 2024 and beyond, with the hope of adding international glory to his already illustrious career.

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