Ramsdale a better option to leno

Many were quizzed when Arsenal decided to let Emi Martinez leave the Emirate stadium but many more fans were left dumbfounded with the price at which he left to Aston Villa in the beginning of last season.

Fast forwarding a year later, the North London club was in tension to have a credible backup goalkeeper for the German international at the base of Arsenal defense and in Aaron Ramsdale, the Gunners have finally found their choice. 

However, is the Three Lion third choice goalkeeper just going to be a backup custodian to the German international, Bernd Leno as Arsenal have begun to find their rhythm with the Englishman standing in goal for the North London club

Though, with much credibility to the ingenuity of Bernd Leno as one of the best goalkeepers that Arsenal have had in recent time. While laying acclaim to his superiors ahead of other goalkeepers in rank has ensured that the German international enjoyed a successful spell as the Arsenal first choice goalkeeper for years. 

However, many would argue that the absence of Bernd Leno in the first year of Mikel Arteta, gave the North London some hope while he was rightfully and judiciously deputized by the departed Argentine short stopper, Emi Martinez as Arsenal ran riot to lift the FA Cup while defeating Manchester City and Chelsea in the process. 

Though, no one could fault the German custodian for most of the goals conceded by the Gunners in their match as he was regularly left open to no chance and no choice to save most of the goal he conceded. 

In fact, Berrnd Leno in the previous season was among the top goalkeepers in the Premier League. Yes! Among the very best, by virtue of the number of saves made throughout the season in the league. 

Moreover, his clumsiness so many other times have cost the North London club beyond measure and if he were to compliment his saves with the consistency he showed in the early drive of his Arsenal’s career, the Emirate stadium occupant could at least be playing the Europa Championship.

Even if Arsenal can’t play the Champions League, North London would have eventually qualified for the Europa League or the newly formulated UEFA third tier competition, Europa conference league despite their torrid start to life in the last Premier League campaign. 

I’m fact, to what looks like what is going to be another frame of last Premier League campaign, when Arsenal began their season with a loss to the newly promoted Brentford who are just making their first Premier League appearance since its inception is not acceptable. 

While many would back, Bernd Leno as not the protagonist that led the demise of the young Guns in the hand of the team with their maiden match in Premier League, but he might as well marshal the defense to a whole compact and rigid that would not permit the team to ran over their defense just anyhow. 

In fact, being the senior member of the defense line gave him much authority to guide and control the impaired and young defender to glory in a match could well determine the flow of the Arsenal season. But his lack of leadership to safeguard the defense cost Arsenal the match that could have build their season

More so, losing against Chelsea might have compound to the throes emanated from the woeful loss to the newly promoted Brentford and while Manchester City clearly have their intention known from the very first minute of the match day three as Arsenal lost lackadaisical to the defending Champion

However, the question that is yet to be answered by the head coach of the Arsenal’s managerial crew is, is the Third Choice of Three Lion goalkeeper cadre, Aaron Ramsdale better than the German international, Bernd Leno? 

While the former Sheffield United custodian have kept two clean sheet in two Premier League appearances for the a north London club, and making his debut in an emphatic triumph of Arsenal against West Brom with a clean sheet is a testament of what is yet to come for the Gunners 

While the English shot stopper made some stunning credible saves to deny Burnley from equalizing in turf more to earn Arsenal had fought victory

He equally made his presence known as he send a warning to the German international of how insecure he needs to be of he wants to keep his position as Arsenal’s number one with an impressive and enigmatic performance that earn Arsenal their first Premier League victory 

While nothing can be related to Bernd Leno as the cause of Arsenal’s is welt season misfortune – at least not directly, but many would concur that it’s been a while Arsenal had a run of two matches without conceding a goal and while the team is still finding their feet up front, keeping the defense close will the team some points 

In fact, Ramsdale had made some pretty important save to lay acclaim to the spot that Leno had made for himself since the time of Unai Emery and while the Englishman is still creating some ripple in Arsenal’s defense line, to topple his German counterpart in healthy competition for the number one spot 

More so, Ramsdale is looking like he is determine to be the Arsenal’s number one goalie as his display is a reference on his will not to give up the starting jersey – although Leno, who have made more than 100 appearances for the club over the past three years is the established number one 

Though, Leno former has dipped since last season, while he continually made some errors that put Arsenal in a difficult position to win a match, but nothing can fault his ability as one of the best custodians in the league.

And the inclusion of Aaron has increased the sporting betting odds and chances given to Arsenal, according to Fox Bet, to at least make the Europa League at the end of the Premier League season, despite their low start to season.

However, While Ramsdale has taken akin to the position with two impressive things that ensure Arsenal topping their opposition brilliantly, it is safe to say that the English goalkeeper is currently a better option than Bernd Leno. 

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