The ball that entered a flat during a Real Madrid match

Probably the biggest terror of all neighbors is that kids playing football near their homes break their windows.

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Yet, it is fair to say that neighbors do not really worry about having a window broken because of a shot made by a Real Madrid player right? Well, this almost happened to a family that lived in Vallecas, Madrid, Spain on the 7th of November 2022.

On that day, Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano played a La Liga match at the latter’s home. The website provides online betting on all matches from those teams as well. The stadium where the match was played was the Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas. This stadium has a peculiarity. There are many residential buildings that surround it. Considering that also some of its stands are not so high, some neighbors can watch matches played there from the comfort of their homes.

An uninvited guest

During the first half of the match, Federico Valverde from Real Madrid attempted to take a shot into Rayo Vallecano’s goal. Before this Spanish team scores another goal.

This shot was quite horrible. It went dozens of meters over Rayo’s goal. However, at the same time, this ball was surprisingly accurate, as it entered a flat from a neighbor that directly faces the stadium. Miraculously, there was an open window in this apartment, and the ball went directly through it, without breaking anything. These occurrences are certainly highly improbable.

A few seconds after the ball entered the flat, a person emerged from it with the ball in his hand, with a face that didn’t look very friendly. I guess that not everyday you get a ball shot by a Real Madrid player in the living room of your home.

A surprising result

Going into purely football terms, this match went quite badly for Real Madrid. If you like the Spanish La Liga you can bet live now where bookmaker offers the best opportunities to wager on this tournament.

The match was quite contested, and Rayo Vallecano managed to get a surprising victory against the Spanish giants for a final score of 3-2. The goals were scored by:

  • Santiago Comesaña;
  • Álvaro García;
  • Óscar Trejo;
  • Luka Modrić;
  • and Éder Militão.

Real Madrid is a team that scores plenty of goals, where you can now make live bets now or whenever they occur. And no, although Valverde’s shot went quite accurately into this neighbor’s home, it didn’t count as a goal.

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