We look at the fastest ever Formula E car electric racer

The new third-generation Formula E car is the fastest electric racer yet, with new aerodynamic upgrades, improved power efficiency and a top speed of over 200mph. 

Revealed in Monaco by motorsport’s global governing body, the FIA, the Spark Gen3 features a drastically changed exterior design.

It will race for the first time in the ninth Formula E World Championship season, which will begin towards the end of this year.

It has been specifically tuned for racing on street circuits, and the FIA says it represents the “pinnacle of high performance, efficiency and sustainability”.

Several upgrades have been made over the current Gen2 Evo racer. The new motor set-up produces 470bhp, while top speed is claimed to be north of 200mph. 

It’s also the first formula car to feature separate powertrains at the front and rear, meaning its regenerative capability has improved to 600kW – more than double the current car’s. 

The addition of a front motor means there’s now no need for hydraulic brakes at the rear.

The Gen3 also benefits from ultra-rapid charging, capable of refilling its battery at a rate of 600kW during a race. 

Sustainability has also been bolstered. Batteries will be recycled and reused when no longer needed, while linen and recycled carbonfibre make up much of the bodywork to reduce the car’s carbon footprint by more than 10%.  

Around 26% of each tyres, meanwhile, will be composed of natural rubber and recycled fibres. 

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