When is the FA Cup final date 2023?

Next season’s FA Cup final to be held in June for first time

Exclusive – League set for earliest start due to Qatar World Cup disruption

Next season’s FA Cup final will be played in June for the first time because of the fixture disruption caused by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the league will have its earliest start, according to a draft match schedule seen markmeets.com

The World Cup is being played from November 21 to December 18 when the temperatures in Qatar are not as high as in summer, which will result in a big shake-up of the fixture calendar.

FA move 2023 Cup Final to accommodate Champions League final and Qatar World Cup

The FA have agreed to bring forward the date of the 2023 FA Cup Final so that they can secure the Champions League final at Wembley that year.

UEFA demand control of the stadium for more than a week in the run-up to the Champions League final meaning the FA Cup, that would normally take place the weekend before would have to be moved as the FA would not have control of Wembley.

The draft schedule being considered by the English football authorities has the FA Cup final in 2023 on June 3, the Champions League final on June 10 and the final day of the Premier League on May 28.

The Emirates FA Cup
Season 2022-23
Round Dates

Extra Preliminary Round Saturday 6 August 2022
Preliminary Round 
Saturday 20 August 2022
First Round Qualifying 
Saturday 3 September 2022
Second Round Qualifying 
Saturday 17 September 2022
Third Round Qualifying 
Saturday 1 October 2022
Fourth Round Qualifying 
Saturday 15 October 2022
First Round Proper
 Saturday 5 November 2022
Second Round Proper 
Saturday 26 November 2022
Third Round Proper 
Saturday 7 January 2023
Fourth Round Proper 
Saturday 28 January 2023
Fifth Round Proper 
Wednesday 1 March 2023
Saturday 18 March 2023
Saturday 22 April 2023
Saturday 3 June 2023

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The FA, unsurprisingly, have shown flexibility in their bid to land the showpiece with the World Cup to be played in Qatar that winter, throwing the world footballing calendar into chaos.

The iconic stadium will celebrate it’s 100th anniversary in 2023.

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MarkMeets can also confirm that Wembley will host 2023 Champions League final to mark centenary year of opening of original stadium

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