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For celebrity interviews and for grabbing soundbytes at film premieres and press events, our team at MarkMeets use a Zoom H5 voice recorder.

Whether podcasting, taking notes, conducting interviews, rehearsing songs, narrating videos, or simply enjoying the sound of one’s vocal tone, voice recording technology has become extremely popular in 2023. Luckily, ordinary consumers do not have to purchase expensive hardware or professional voice-recording software to achieve high-quality audio due to the advanced capabilities that desktop and mobile phone apps have shown in recent years.

From the accessible and affordable to the functional and fashionable, the most impressive voice recording apps in 2023 offer a little something for every audiophile out there.


Available On iOS

Designed specifically for journalists to conduct long-form, high-quality interviews at the press of a button, Alice has carved a niche as one of the most trusted brands for recording audio at the drop of hat. Once activated, the app starts a 3-second countdown for the recording to begin. During a recording, users can touch the screen to bookmark a specific portion and swipe right to pause a conversation.

The free app comes with a paid transcription tier for those willing to invest in the upgraded perks. However, what’s great about Alice is that it can be used by anyone, not only journalists and media professionals. Alice promises to retain original recordings by preventing audio interception from hackers, marrying high fidelity with unrivaled privacy and security.

Apple’s Voice Memo App

When it comes to the best voice recording app for beginners, Apple device owners would be wise to try the built-in Voice Memo app. Aside from the convenience of not having to download and store a separate app, Apple’s Voice Memo can be used with an iPad, iPhone, and iWatch as a portable voice recorder that stores files in iCloud for easy access and multi-device syncing.

The Voice Memo app also enables users to select compressed or non-compressed audio files, automatically records the file names based on the user’s current location, and has an editing suite that allows them to cut, swap, and reduce unwanted sounds. Thanks to its organization features, finding and saving voice recordings is effortless. As such, no iPhone user should live without the free app.

ASR Voice Recorder

Available On Android

With over 5 million downloads and a 4.3-star Google Play rating, ASR Voice Recorder is free and has no limits on the amount of recording time available. With near-perfect audio quality to go with advanced features not found in most free apps, ASR Voice Recorder is a great study aid app for taking notes and documenting lessons, songs, and long-form conversations.

Also featuring playback control, skippable silences, and supportable codecs for MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A, ASR Voice Recorder begins recording as soon as the app is opened, which is great for recording on the go. Users can set up an auto email option to share files or upload to various cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Easy Voice Recorder

Available On Android & iOS

With sterling 4.7 and 4.8-star ratings, respectively, Easy Voice Recorder boasts a highly convenient and versatile one-tap recording widget that allows users to record their voice as an AAC, MP4, or PCM file. Better yet, the voice recordings are automatically uploaded to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, allowing users to maximize their mobile storage and data usage.

The free app with subscription upgrades ($3.99 for Android, $1.99 for iOS) also comes with high-speed listening tools for quick playback, and transcription services, and drowns out all distractions thanks to its Home Screen and Lock Screen functions that keep users focused on the task at hand. On iPad, the app offers Split View and Slide Over tools that empower users to multitask while recording.

Otter Voice Notes

Available On Android & iOS

Designed for student note-taking and journalistic interviews alike, Otter Voice Notes prioritizes recording and transcribing live audio meetings and conversations. Great for teams or individuals working with large groups, the app automatically jots recorded information down and instantly interprets the words into text, essentially taking notes for the user without them having to lift a finger. The useful app is ideal for college students and business professionals alike.

With 600 free minutes provided in the basic version, Otter Voice Notes offers a premium plan ($12.99 monthly) that offers 6,000 minutes and allows users to record a Zoom meeting and transcribe the voice recordings afterward. Beyond the high-quality audio recordings the app provides, users can adjust the speed of the audio playback, search for keywords in the transcriptions rather than listening to an entire recording, and more.

RecForge II Pro

Available On Android

Depending on their preference, RecForgeII Pro is an underrated Android app not many people know about that allows users to record their voice in mono or stereo, a diverse option many rival apps lack. The acclaimed Android Dictaphone is ideal for recording monologs, lectures, meetings, song rehearsals, and more thanks to its 4-widget one-clicker, highly customizable UI, internal and external microphone usage, manual gain adjustment, etc.

Where RecForge II Pro really separates itself is in the ability to convert audio files to several formats including codec, bitrate, samplerate, etc., as well as being exported to cloud storage services. This makes it very easy to share voice recordings with friends, acquaintances, business professionals, and the like. Additional options include being able to control audio pitch, stretch time, loop sounds, tinker with tempo, and more.


Available On iOS

With plenty of long-form voice recording apps out of the way, those looking to document short, Twitter-like reminders and personalized voice notes should try Say&Go. The iOS app boasts a 4.6-star rating and has few rivals when it comes to recording brief 4 to 75-second vocal intervals. Even more convenient, the app begins recording as soon as it’s opened and uses smart technology to stop recording as soon as the speech ends, which will save time and energy manually recording.

Perfect for logging daily reminders or recording fleeting moments of inspiration before they are forgotten, Say&Go automatically uploads recordings to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, or email accounts, ensuring every brilliant idea is captured and never lost.

Smart Voice Recorder

Available On Android

With well over 10 million downloads and a stellar 4.6-star Google Play rating, Smart Voice Recorder is one of the leading apps for high-quality, large-file voice recording. Each audio file can store up to 2GB, giving users plenty of options to conduct long interviews, practice lengthy monologs, sing until their heart’s content, etc. Even more helpful, the app plays in the background, allowing users to multitask while recording.

With a sleek, minimalist UI that is very easy to use for beginners and experts alike, Smart Voice Recorder comes with a unique feature that allows users to shorten the length of their recordings by erasing moments of silence and dead air to create the smoothest Hi-Fi audio without interruptions.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Available On iOS

For recording clear, crisp audio consistently with a tone of sophisticated features such as a private security passcode, Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is the way to go. In addition to voice recording, the free version of the app allows as much space as a user’s device can store, giving unlimited freedom to record for long, short, or medium lengths.

With dictation, transcription capabilities, and the ability to add notes to a vocal recording in the paid subscription model ($4.99/month), the app is the most ideal for sharing voice recordings on such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Perhaps most notable, the app allows users to begin recording from their home screen, which is a great way of recording remotely.

Voice Recorder Pro

Available On iOS

Geared for professional podcasters, Voice Recorder Pro has a ton of high-end features that justify its $6.99 monthly premium subscription. The professional voice recorder allows users to record voices for unlimited time periods and rather than convert audio files in post-production, can directly record voices in MP4, MP3, and WAV formats.

The freedom and flexibility of the app allow users to preselect the exact quality of their recording by choosing the bitrate, samplerate, bit depth, amount of audio channels, and more, giving professional control over every minute detail to make every voice recording crystal clear. For podcasters looking for an affordable voice recording app with all the bells and whistles of a recording studio, accept no exceptions.

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