A Guide On How To Use A Web Scraping Proxy

The vast field of web scraping has numerous uses, including machine learning, lead generation, data aggregation, and many others. Web data would be useful to all businesses in some form. 

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is the strategy used to scrape information from site pages. Getting to, parsing, and extricating information from sites involve digital processes. Organizations use web scraping to obtain specific information from sites without APIs. Most organizations presently utilize a web scraping proxy to finish their scraping obligations.

Types of proxy:

  • Residential proxies are found inside people’s residences. The customer’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) is where they obtain their IP addresses. 
  • Datacenter proxies obtain their IP addresses from data centers, which are often managed by major cloud providers.
  • These are categorized as mobile device IPs. Mobile device IPs are incredibly expensive to gather and also quite complicated. Therefore, if you need to crawl data that is available on the mobile web, pick these proxy services.

Why Use Proxies for Web Scraping?

  • Enhanced security 

By concealing the IP address of the user’s computer, using a proxy server adds an additional degree of anonymity. Using smart proxies is one of the original “residential proxy” networks that is recommended, and allows someone to rent a residential IP address to use as a relay for his/her Internet communications.

  • Avert IP bans 

To prevent scrapers from making too many queries and slowing down the website speed, business websites put a restriction on the quantity of crawlable data called “Crawl Rate.” By issuing access requests from many IP addresses, a good pool of proxies enables the crawler to circumvent rate constraints on the target website.

  • Enables you to scrape data specific to a place 

Some websites only allow data from specific nations or regions. For instance, an error page would appear

How to Choose the Best Web Scraping Proxies?

  • Proxy Pool

The size of the proxy pool you’ll require for your specific web scraping project is the most crucial factor to decide. This is due to the wide variety of plans that all proxy providers offer, each with a varied proxy pool size and supporting resources.

  • Budget

You can only spend so much on proxies on their own. Setting a budget before choosing a proxy provider can be pretty helpful for any size business. You might be able to outsource the management of your proxy pool, depending on your financial situation.

  • Location 

Another key factor is the proxy server’s location. Use a proxy server located in the country you are trying to access if the website is only accessible there.

  • Reviews 

Reading reviews and experiences from other users may be the most reasonable way to choose a reliable Proxy service provider. But remember that certain businesses may also use marketing

Although many online scraping solutions only work with HTML files, others also support PDF and other file types.

Enterprise Use Cases for Web Scraping Proxies

  • Price Comparison 

Web scrapers are often used by retail businesses to monitor the prices on the websites of their rivals. In this manner, they can swiftly modify prices to remain competitive. For this very aim, many large retail chains employ scrapers.

  • Social Media Monitoring 

It has become common practice to scrape social media to track and analyze thoughts and comments about particular topics or products. 

  • Ad Verification 

The goal of ad verification using web scraping is to prevent rivals from running advertising for your company on dubious websites. Yes, this is a typical practice that could lead to customers losing faith in your company due to seeing the advertisement on an adult website.

Funds to hire these review sites and promote themselves, thereby receiving favorable comments and evaluations.

We’ll discuss proxies from reputable companies like Geosurf in this article and why web scraping requires them.

What is a Web Scraping Proxy?

A proxy server that is used for online scraping is simply referred to as a “web scraping proxy.” A server that serves as a proxy enables you to utilize its IP address and send your request through it.

Here is a brief overview of how a company can utilize a web scraping proxy: 

  • The first step is to select the ideal proxies for web scraping. It is advised to use premium proxies because they are more dependable and offer round-the-clock service. 
  • You must set up your proxies in your web scraping program after you have them. It will ensure that your IP address is concealed and that all your requests pass through the proxy server. 
  • You are now prepared to begin scraping. To avoid being blocked by websites, keep in mind using rotational proxies. 


A web scraping proxy might assist you in keeping an eye on costs, gathering information for marketing research, or even keeping tabs on your rivals. When looking for the finest proxies for web scraping, dependability and speed are essential.

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