AI Voice Generators: Creating Realistic Voice-overs

Video content plays a crucial role in the marketing of a product and in increasing the consumer base. Voice is a very important part in setting the right mood and to increase the reach of the content. It is important to choose the right voice-over for a particular product. AI voice-overs are very useful in improving the effectiveness of videos or presentations. 

AI voice-overs are created by Voice Generator, which are developed using machine learning. The AI Voice that you create using the AI voice generators is very realistic with the right voice modulation.

What is an AI Voice Generator?

AI Voice Generators create natural-sounding voice-overs for videos, e-learning applications, advertisements, and podcasts. These voice generators are powered by machine learning and various AI techniques to convert text to speech with natural tones and accents. The machine learning models and algorithms used in AI voice generators process hours of audio recordings of real artists to generate realistic AI voices.

The voice generators have parameters like speed, pitch, volume, accent, and pronunciation that should be controlled while creating AI voices. You can adjust the pitch of the AI voice to sound serious or playful. You can increase or decrease the volume of the voice and also the speaking speed. Furthermore, you can select the right accent for the video based on the target audience. Likewise, you can also customise the pronunciation of words and save them for future use.

Features of AI Voice Generator

The important features of AI Voice that you should consider while selecting an AI voice generator are as follows:

  • The voice generator should be user-friendly and easy to use. The voice generation process should be seamless and highly intuitive.
  • It should reduce the amount of time and money spent on creating world-class voice-overs for the products.
  • The voice generated should sound like the natural voice of a human. It should have the right tone, pitch, volume, and accent as required. A Voice modulator is the most important component for AI voice generation, as it renders AI Voice close to the natural voice. The AI voice generated should not sound robotic at any point.
  • Voice generators should have a huge in-built library of high-quality voices from which you can select the one which suits your requirement.
  • In the case of text-to-speech voice-overs, the voice generation process should be seamless with the right pronunciation of every word.
  • You should prefer an AI voice generator providing multiple customization options along with grammar assistance tools.
  • Voice generators should allow you to emphasise specific words when necessary.
  • It should allow you to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice-over depending on your requirement.
  • It should allow for pauses in between the voice-over. You should be able to add or remove pauses for better rendering of the script.
  • AI Voice Generators that allow you to generate multiple AI voices from a single voice are useful in situations where there are not many voice-over artists available for the job.

Uses of AI Voice Generators 

Some scenarios where AI voice can be used are listed below:

  • AI Voices help businesses and creators by providing the required voice-over for the videos and presentations.
  • They are useful in providing voices for e-learning platforms to improve the effectiveness and engagement of the videos.
  • They are used in the marketing and advertising for products. The right voice-over can improve the reach and sale of the product.
  • They are proving to be very helpful for people with learning difficulties like dyslexia and ADHD. 
  • AI voices are also used for documentary videos, podcasts, and explainer videos.
  • They are used in creating games as well as in animations as they make them appear more realistic.
  • Audiobooks is another application of AI voice that provides you with a whole new experience of a book.

Process of AI Voice Generation

The AI voice can be generated using the following steps:

Step 1: 

The first step of AI voice generation involves selecting the right voice for the video. You can play voices from a vast library of in-built voices and then select the voice that suits your product.

Step 2: 

You can generate AI voice from both text and voice using the AI voice generators. In the case of Text-to-Speech voice-overs, you can enter the script in the text editor of the AI Voice Generator. The text editor checks for grammatical errors using the AI Grammar Assistant and allows you to make the necessary changes. 

In the case of creating voice-over from speech, you need to provide the script in audio format as input. This input is converted to the selected AI voice with the right voice modulation. You can make the following changes to the script while editing:

  • You can adjust the pitch, speed, and volume of the audio to suit your visuals to make it more effective.
  • You can add emphasis and pauses in certain sections of the script as per requirement.
  • You can also add background music to the voice-over by choosing from the music from the library or by importing your music files.

Step 3:

Once the script is provided to the AI voice generator, it builds the audio with the voice selected in step 1. You can then test the voice-over thus generated by syncing it with your video and then finalize it. If you are satisfied with the output, you can download it and share it. In case you are not satisfied with the result, you can start over from step 1 and make the appropriate changes. For pronunciation-related issues in the AI voice, you can correct it by spelling out the words using the ‘Pronunciation’ button.


Voice plays an important role in marketing of a product, and it gradually becomes the brand identity. Hence, it is very important to choose a compelling voice that draws instant attention to the product. Murf provides a range of such AI voices which have successfully increased the brand value of a product. Murf provides a wide variety of features related to AI voice generation with proper voice modulation. We, at Murf, help in creating impactful voice-overs using the latest technology.

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