Best virtual phone number companies

What is a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone number is a convenient tool to separate one’s personal and business life by acquiring a package of services that enables you to obtain a number without inserting an additional SIM into a device using devices of a provider instead. Virtual phone number allows to route calls between devices, ID-addresses and other phone numbers.  Moreover, it allows you to choose the area code, so it is not attached to a physical location. Also, a service of virtual US number for SMS is available. This is the number in the code of one of the existing mobile operators, to which you can send SMS messages in the usual way. All messages are sent to the e-mail box or to another phone of the owner of the number, the owner can read the SMS at any time and from any computer.

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Key factors of choosing a company

  1. Convenience in setting a number up and using different communication services;
  2. Price; 
  3. Quality of connection;
  4. Multi-channel management;
  5. Customer support;
  6. Additional functions.

What is the best virtual phone number company?

  1. Grasshoper

Having the majority of satisfactory feedback reviews, Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that provides key business phone features without any installation hardware. It provides three simple tariff plans. All of them are flat-rate  with no other extras, auto attendant unlimited calls, and call forwarding. This is the best service if you are a small business owner who needs a business number with extra features. Moreover, it allows the option of five extra numbers and unlimited extensions.

  1. Nextiva

Being one of the best carriers for small business, along with the virtual phone number Nextiva offers you to get all the outgoing features, multiple calling plans, and a mobile app. This is the best choice for any business that needs a virtual phone number that can be used with a complete and integrated business telephony system.

  1. VirtualPhone

VirtualPhone is a VoIP system that provides virtual international numbers at no extra charge. Offering various extensions, the company offers a starter package for free or at cost-effective prices. If you are entering international markets and want your clients to have a local domain, this service is exactly what you need.

  1. eVoice

A virtual telephone system, which is known for its integrated fax capabilities. It comes with convenient tools and a friendly user interface. This is the best virtual phone system to send and receive faxes with your virtual phone number. It is a very good option when confidential documents cannot be distributed by e-mail. 

  1. Google Voice

Google Voice allows you to get a free virtual phone number that can be used by all of your phones. It enables a user to manage business calls, along with a complete set of controls. It does not offer features such as multiple numbers, extensions, or answering machine features, which makes it suitable for individual users who only need a basic virtual business phone number.

The wide range of providers allows users to choose one suiting exactly for them, depending on purposes and specifics of virtual phone number usage. 

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