Convert Documents on Your iOS Devices with These Apps

What if you could open and view documents on your iOS device without asking for help from a friend or a colleague? Sounds good? But by now, you are probably wondering how. The iOS devices are one of the top devices in the phone industry, thanks to Apple’s operating system. What this means is this. iOS devices are designed and marketed by Apple Inc, and they range from iPhones to iPads and iPod touch.

From writing down information to saving digital documents, there is a daily increase for iOS devices. But here’s the kicker. You can install apps on your IOS device to help you write and edit documents. But that’s not all. You can use the apps to your files on your IOS device without hassle. Make sure to check out the apps. 

Online Converter

The online converter allows you to convert a file from Word doc to PDF. But that’s not all. It also converts keynotes files, images, and HTML pages to format. It has an easy interface that allows you to copy documents with Wi-Fi using any browser of your choice.

With the converter lite, you can combine documents into a single file. Also, converted documents can be accessed with e-Books, Good reader, or reader. Are you worried about the safety of your files? all files are safe and protected from a third-party.

iFile Converter Lite

The iFile Converter Lite is a perfect app to convert all kinds of documents; Word, Excel, JPG, PowerPoint, iWorks, Open Office, and e-books. The best part is that you can merge two split or compress them into a single folder. 

With iFile Converter Lite, you can also edit your documents. All you need to convert your file is a strong internet connection. And yes, your documents are safely secured and safe with the converter.  


Another app to convert documents without a fee is the Chinese mobile app. It allows you to scan the document and save it as JPEG or PDF. All you have to do is take the pictures of the files with the iOS camera and upload them with the Camscanner. The best part? The app is available for quick and easy download on the Apple App Store.

Fun-fact: You don’t have to search for a scanner each time you need to scan a document. CamScanner is a great tool to secure high-quality scanned files.

Office Suite

Created by Microsoft, the office suite merges Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It’s your go-to app if you want an easy and quick converter for your documents. It helps you to improve productivity while you manage your documents in a single app. Yes, you don’t have to switch in-between apps when writing, editing, and sharing documents. 

In summary, you can write, create, edit, share files without switching from one app to the other. That’s how ridiculously easy it is to use the office suite.

But wait, there’s still more. You can create a document with the Microsoft office suite. On the face of it, you can add formulas, charts, edit slides, and animations at will on your device. The app has a one-note feature that helps you arrange your notes, prepare to-do lists and keep track of your activities and plans. Great, isn’t it? 

You can also view and share photos, documents, and videos from your device using the 1TB cloud storage available on the OneDrive feature. No wonder many people have found solace in the office suite to convert documents.

DocAs Lite

We are not through yet. The DocAs Lite allows you to write, read, and analyze on your iOS device. Additionally, it allows you to pen down ideas and convert other documents to PDF format.

With the DocAs Lite, you can record meetings or classes, carry out presentations and share your documents all on your device. Most importantly, it allows you to draw shapes, sketch diagrams, and edit smartly without errors. Needless to say, you can access your DocAs documents from any other sources like your Email account, Dropbox, Google Drive, and desktop.

Do you love to customize your documents? Then, the DocAs lite is a must-have document converter. It allows you to highlight, merge, and export text into your document. Inserting audios, images and signatures are allowed. 

It also allows for the sorting and renaming of documents. So, yes, the DocAs lite, your creativity is unleashed and productivity optimized.  

Able 2 Extract PDF converter

Here’s another trendsetting offer you cannot afford to miss out on. The Able 2 converter allows you to create converted documents with no Professional help. You can quickly create a PDF document from MS Office files and convert it to PowerPoint, Excel, Word, JPG (images), and AutoCAD files. It sounds easy, and yes, it is.

File converter

Wouldn’t it be great to convert documents to over 100 sources? Think I’m exaggerating? Well, the file converter does offer you an opportunity to convert documents into different formats. But here’s the rub. The document will be converted in a secured cloud that needs you to download it back to the app after the file is converted. Got it?

The file converter requires an internet connection every time you want to access the app to convert documents. And yes, it works only on iPhones and iPads.


Converting documents from one format to another is a breeze, thanks to the many document converters that are supported by iOS devices. The best part is that these apps are free, accessible, and easy to use.

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