Why Cyber Security is a Key Business Focus

Online security is a must

If you don’t know what to do with your business or website and are looking to protect them from intruders online.

Now let me introduce you to red team hacker academy. Cyber security training platforms teache everything from cyber security awareness through to technical red and blue team topics. Hackers can change their behavior suddenly and without any prior notice, due to varying tools and threat tactics in the market. What does this mean for you? Well, the shields you have today may be overpassed tomorrow, so staying on top of training keeps you ahead of the curve.

Aside from protecting existing websites and businesses, cyber security offers lucrative career opportunities. From this, how to get into cyber security is one big question. Cyber security training will give you a deeper knowledge of the industry, how to protect businesses and websites, and arm you will the knowledge needed to achieve jobs in the industry.

So, aside from training, what do you need to be aware of in cyber security? How else can you avoid the negative repercussions of hackers? Let’s dive deep into how you can stay clear of hackers, ensuring you get the best possible protection.

Repercussions of Breach

Hackers’ prominent goal is usually financial gain, although there can be a multitude of reasons behind attacks. The severity of the attack usually will take into account the sort of breach hackers are executing – sometimes stealing details, and other times committing a ransomware attack to extort money from businesses.

Facing a breach can make your customers lose trust – which ultimately has a deeper financial impact. Lack of consumer trust equates to negative word of mouth, fewer sales, and lost repeat customers. It can be brand destroying.

Hackers often try to disguise as legitimate users, which can play on human error – the number one cause of any breach in cyber security. You must have an aware workforce to ensure any scams that play on human error – such as phishing scams – are not fallen for. Cyber security training is the best way to do this.

Consider Cyber Security Protection

Numerous cyber security platforms and tools help protect your business, which should always be seen as an investment to mitigate the risk of breach and the results of being breached. With this, appropriate antivirus software and screening platforms are vital for any internet user.

Remember the importance of training teams how to utilise this software, and things to be aware of in general business and the internet landscape. All businesses are at risk of breach, and whilst their focus on cyber security will require varying degrees, the need for staff to understand cyber security is essential.

Cyber Security Training

Rated as one of the best programs you can get online to protect your site and server. The core of the business is to offer cyber security training to all – accessible across the globe, for all skill levels, with only a browser needed for access.

For training for the complete beginner through to the seasoned hacker, and you don’t need any prior coding or cyber security experience before launching the platform. It can teach you from the ground up. Over 350 training labs are free, and premium access is super affordable.

So, how can we defeat hackers? A key way to do this is to think like one. Learn the thought process behind attempting to breach companies and users, and use this knowledge to be able to patch your own flaws and vulnerabilities.

Red Team Month celebrates everything hacking, where TryHackMe has launched a new red team pathway that teaches you how to emulate a potential adversary attack in complex environments. Going beyond penetration testing, you will learn to conduct successful Red Team engagements and challenge the defence capability of your clients. Learn everything from fundamentals, initial access, post compromise, host evasions, network security evasions, and compromising active directory in over 48 hours of training – totally bite-sized and able to take at your own pace.

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