Google discontinues its Pixel Pass subscription, which combined phones and services

Google Discontinues Pixel Pass Subscription Service: Changes and Implications

Google has made the decision to discontinue its Pixel Pass subscription service, an offering that combined a Pixel phone with premium services such as YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass, and Google One storage, all for a monthly fee. This announcement was made on Google’s support page, and while it lacks detailed reasoning, the company mentioned that it continuously evaluates its offerings based on customer feedback to provide the best user experience.

The Pixel Pass service was originally introduced in 2021 alongside the launch of the Pixel 6 series. Initially, Google offered this service at a rate of $45 per month for the Pixel 6 and $55 per month for the Pixel 6 Pro. These subscriptions provided users with benefits like access to premium games and apps through Google Play Pass, 200GB of storage with Google One, and ad-free content through YouTube Premium.

Existing subscribers of the Pixel Pass service will not be immediately affected by this discontinuation. They will be able to continue using their Pixel Pass for a span of two years from their subscription date. Once this period elapses, these subscribers will have the option to upgrade their Pixel device and receive a $100 discount on the upgrade cost. Additionally, Google stated that after the Pixel Pass subscription concludes, users will have their Google services subscriptions automatically renewed at a discounted rate. However, the specific cost of this renewed bundle remains undisclosed.

It’s important to note that the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold were not included in the Pixel Pass offering, and the subscription service was exclusively available within the United States, without expansion to international markets.

A Look Back at Pixel Pass

The Pixel Pass subscription service was a pioneering attempt by Google to bundle hardware and software services into a single package, streamlining the way users access and enjoy their devices and digital content. By combining premium services like Google Play Pass and YouTube Premium with the latest Pixel phones, Google aimed to enhance the overall user experience and offer added value to its customers.

Google’s Pivot and User Impact

Google’s decision to discontinue the Pixel Pass subscription service signifies a shift in its strategy. While the company hasn’t provided an in-depth explanation, it could be driven by a variety of factors. These may include a reassessment of market demand, the evolution of the digital services landscape, or the need to fine-tune its offerings based on user preferences.

For existing subscribers, the two-year extension of service availability and the upgrade discount provide a transition period and a clear path forward. They can continue to enjoy their current subscriptions and have the opportunity to upgrade their devices at a reduced cost. Furthermore, the automatic renewal of Google’s services at a discounted rate after the Pixel Pass subscription ends could potentially still offer a cost-effective way for users to access these services.


Google’s decision to discontinue the Pixel Pass subscription service reflects the dynamic nature of the tech industry. As companies adapt to changing market conditions and user feedback, adjustments to product offerings are inevitable. While the Pixel Pass concept provided a unique package of hardware and software services, Google’s focus on refining its approach to meet evolving customer needs is an important aspect of its ongoing commitment to innovation. For users, the continuation of services for existing subscribers and the potential for discounted renewed subscriptions underscore Google’s intention to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing value.

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