How to Find Your IP Address on an iPhone

IP addresses are one of the most important modern inventions out there.  They give us the ability to connect to the internet while also protecting society from issues like criminals and cybercrime.

These are the steps to find your IP address on your iPhone and why it matters! 

Why the IP Address Matters

IP addresses are like personalized codes that allow any device to connect to the internet.  They carry information like what city you’re in, who your internet service provider is, and if you’ve been to a website before.  

Unfortunately, if you’re not careful with it, this address can be used to find your general location or even frame you for a cyber crime you didn’t commit.  

By Doing a Quick Search

One of the fastest ways to learn your address is to do an IP address lookup.  There are multiple services for this, each of which offers its own way to find your IP address.  A classic way that can be straightforward and simple for most people is to Google it.  Google has a setting that automatically pulls up your IP address if you type the words ‘what is my IP address?’.  

This will save you a ton of time and give you the opportunity to easily gather the information you need.  Don’t do this on a public connection or if you feel like someone else might have access to your information while you’re online.  You need to be careful with it. 

Without Wi-Fi

If you don’t have Wi-Fi and you want to access your phone’s IP address, you can go into your settings and configure a brand new one manually!  There are just a handful of steps for this, and anyone can do it.  

To start, click your settings icon.  This is a cog-shaped icon that will bring up a large menu of options.  Click on the term Wi-Fi, and then scroll until you find your Wi-Fi network.  Here, you can click the lowercase i that’s in the circle next to your Wi-Fi’s name and see a list of options pop up.

When you tap IPV4, you can click Configure IP and then Manual.  Here, you can put in your own IP address that will allow your device to connect.  

Through Phone Settings

If you’re currently connected to Wi-Fi, things are easier!  To find your IP address this way, simply go to your settings again, tap Wi-Fi, scroll until you see the lowercase i next to your Wi-Fi network, and then go down to IPv4 Address.  Your IP address will be in this section, giving you the opportunity to reference it for porting or whatever else you need.

How to Protect Your IP Address

You have to protect your IP address if you want it to keep you safe.  To do this, avoid clicking on any links you don’t recognize, and pay attention to what sites you’re on. Another good idea is to get a VPN, a virtual private network, that will hide your information and save you from your identity being stolen. 

Your iPhone Should be as Safe as Possible.

When you’re using your iPhone, it’s good to feel secure.  Take steps to protect your identity and online presence.

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