How to Transfer Videos and Photos From iPhone to PC without iTunes

Using iPhone to store videos and photos indeed offers us an easier way to manage multimedia files. Also, as the image quality is getting better, file size becomes larger accordingly. For videos and photos, no matter they are downloaded from website or shot by yourself, big file size led by crisper image will increasing taking up your iPhone storage space. To solve this problem, we need to transfer videos and photos from iPhone to other device like PC to save its memory space.

Why we have to transfer videos and photos from iPhone to PC

The main aim to do this is to release the storage space of iPhone, just as what we have mentioned above. Otherwise, during daily use of iPhone like playing mobile game, it may get stuck from time to time. Therefore, file transfer is helpful for making mobile phone life longer. 

In additional, there are some other details indicating why the need to transfer videos and photos from iPhone to PC pops up in recent years. Today self-media is extremely trending. Almost everyone is recording their life and share it on the web. However, many videos and photos are shot by mobile phones like iPhone, but it is hard and inconvenient to edit, especially for videos. Usually we have to turn to professional tool like PR and Ps to do that on computer. In this way, if you want to efficiently make your own unique video clips and share to social media, transferring them from iPhone to PC is in every way unavoidable. Moreover, compared with iPhones, PC is a more solid choice for multimedia file storage because most of time users don’t have to change their computer on a frequent basis. Therefore, these types of files can be kept more safely.

How to access iPhone videos and photos on PC

Many new iPhone users give up iTunes because they find it so complicated to use and sometimes they even have to search operation tutorial to figure out how to use iTunes for file transfer. Also, you still need a USB cable to transfer videos and photos. Then people choose to get help from other transfer tool that is easier to use like WinX Mediatrans. It erases zero data and provides encryption settings to safeguard privacy. Additionally, it supports to transfer other file type like music and documents, etc. Here, let’s have a look at how it transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC:

Step 1: Launch the software after free download from official website, and connect it with your iPhone.

Step 2: When you want to transfer photos, then click “Photo Transfer” on the interface.

Step 3: Choose the ones you want to transfer to PC and click “Export”.

If you want to transfer videos, just click “Video Manager” on the software interface and choose the videos you need to move out from iPhone.

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