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What an EXCITING TIME TO BE ALIVE and witness a significant milestone in the history of cyberspace and its next major evolutionary step, the Metaverse, also known as Web 3.0. The web will come much more vivid by mimicking reality and physical spaces more than ever, with web experiences reaching incredible new levels of immersiveness. 

This will cause a ripple cross-industry effect, and the likes of Bill Gates have predicted that company meetings will use digital avatars in the next two to three years.

Microsoft is playing its role in this next chapter of the internet with the launch of a new product late in 2021 called Mesh. 

Mesh will enable virtual meetings in a 3D office space. This latest step by Microsoft is not surprising given how essential such technologies are to the massive sudden overwhelming spike in the remote workforce. Bill Gates believes technological advancements such as spatial audio will make virtual meetings sound more authentic.

Meeting participants’ audio will sound more like it’s coming from the user’s direction. This will be a very augmented experience than the one we are used to with regular Teams and Zoom meetings.

So many people are getting revved up to join the Metaverse party. They are asking some valid questions about whether cyber security phenomena such as doxxing and key loggers will trickle over to future Metaverse platforms such as Mesh.

Emotions, Emotions and Some More

One of the most exciting aspects which encapsulate joining the Metaverse party for many is the augmented interactive experience. Currently, messaging platform users using Whatsapp and Whatsapp Web are using emojis, stickers and gifs to express reactions or emotions.

Emojis are very static and really do not express the person’s true emotion at that moment. This does not emulate real-life human interactions, and this is a considerable gap that has caused many annoying miscommunications in many different contexts, from personal to business.

It would not even be far-fetched that some relationships ended due to an emoji-induced miscommunication.

FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS; chatting will become super different and more authentic soon. Metaverse technologies such as wearable sensors will enable users to chat using their digital avatars, and real-time body language facial expressions will appear via the avatars. This is a significant game-changer and will enable many types of human communication dynamics to be augmented in accuracy and authenticity.

Before Joining the Metaverse Party

Before joining the Metaverse party, you must remember that because parties are exciting and fun, many will focus exclusively on the fun part and forget cyber security and malware protection matters.

This is why before going on a wild shopping spree for the latest Metaverse gadgets and using the latest Metaverse platforms, you should ensure that you have a cybersecurity solution protecting all of your endpoint devices such as laptops and tablets.

The best route is to download a free trial version of a few product options from a reputable cyber security company with a proven track record, then purchase the full version of the most preferred product for uninterrupted protection even in the wildest of Metaverse parties.

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