Laptop vs PC Desktop for gaming

Laptops are great for many things and gamin is one of them. Whilst PCs will always have better performance for the same price as a laptop but both have advantages and disadvantages you should know. If you don’t have another PC or laptop, you should think about other things you might need it for. It doesn’t matter how old are you, everything we do nowadays is online and it’s necessary to have at least one of these two. If you want a gaming laptop, a pc builder can help you with that.

Maybe things will change in the near future because we have new technology coming soon, but until then you should focus on what you need now. It can be hard to make predictions today so do your research before making any movement.

PC Has Better Performance

For a long time, computers had better performance than laptops because it was easier to make them. You can place a better cooling system which usually requires a lot of space compared to laptops that only have a small fan. But, this was changed in the last few years because we now have better chips like M1 from apple’s MacBook.

Performance doesn’t only depend on how much FPS you can get out of your setup but also on other factors like resolution, portability, and design. You will always perform better when you like your setup, so the design also matters like other factors. It’s obvious that the biggest advantage a laptop has is its portability.

Always choose depending on your needs and how you organize your day. If you spend a lot of your time traveling or switching places like at work, having a laptop is a blessing. On the other side, if you don’t travel a lot and most of your surfing is in your home, a PC is way better.

Price Difference

If you have a big budget for your gaming equipment then you shouldn’t worry about performance. There are some great laptops in 2022 that can handle any game and even more complex programs like designers use for 3D modeling. But, the difference happens when you are looking at the average laptops and computers.

An average laptop price is around $1000 and you will be able to play most of the games but everything will be set on low. For the same money, you can get a PC with a stronger GPU that can handle more demanding tasks. Even if most gaming PCs now cost well over $1500, choose according to your gaming demands.

There’s no reason to invest $5000 in something that you won’t use for a decade when there are other options. You can also try cloud gaming where you only need to pay a monthly fee and have a good internet connection. You might be playing a certain game today, but in 5 years, you might focus more on work.

What Do You Need More?

This is probably the most important question because you would want to get a PC if you only play on a laptop. The experience is much better and there isn’t a laptop screen that can be compared to the best monitors. Laptops that have 240hz screens cost over $1500 while a monitor goes around $400.

When you combine the prices of everything you need for a PC setup, you will end up with the same value in most cases, but it will feel more appealing to play on a desktop. Even if both screens have 240hz, a monitor will probably have more colors and it’s larger which is crucial for professional gaming.

You Can Customize a PC

You can make your own PC from scratch by just buying parts that can’t be said for a laptop. Most stores that sell laptops will always have at least one component that will be “weak” compared to the other parts.

New laptops also have an option to change RAM and a couple of more parts but it’s more difficult to manage than a PC. Gaming will always be better on a PC, but if you already own one, you should get a laptop because you can bring it to your friends’ house and play in the same room.

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