Popular Types of Videos Used in Social Media Marketing


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Social media has become an invaluable tool for online marketing, and there is no type of content that performs as well on it as videos. The simple fact of the matter is that videos are able to provide more exposure, engagement, and ultimately conversions – making them the go-to content for most marketers and businesses.

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As you probably realize there are many different types of videos that are used in social media marketing, some of which are more popular than others. It helps to know the popular types of videos as they have a proven track record of being effective:

How-to guides and tutorials
One of the staple types of videos, how-to guides and tutorials are innately useful due to the fact that they teach viewers how to perform specific tasks or actions. That automatically makes them appealing, assuming the task or action is something that viewers are interested in.

The reason marketers often use this type of video is because it can promote products in a non-promotional manner by directly showing their benefits and how they can be used.

Live videos
Most social media platforms support live videos nowadays, and they’ve started to gain popularity among marketers due to their potential for views and engagement. The exact manner in which live videos are used can vary however, though marketers tend to use it for live webinars, special events, or discussion panels.

In short you could use live videos to directly promote products (e.g. live streams of product launches) or indirectly (e.g. webinars), depending on which is more suitable.

Brand culture videos
As opposed to promoting a product or service directly, brand culture videos focus on the brand and its approach, values, and vision. Typically these videos include authentic behind-the-scenes peeks, brand history videos, or even mission statements.

By using these videos you can showcase your brand and what makes it unique to increase brand exposure and build customer loyalty as well.

Normally lists of ‘best products’, ‘top tips’, and other topics in those lines can make for some great content. It could directly promote a product or service by including it in the list, or could be a list of items that are tangential to the product or service that is being marketed instead.

Keep in mind that as much as lists can directly promote a product or service, it should do so in a balanced fashion to avoid being seen as shameless self-promotion.

Case study stories
A case study story typically consists of a practical example of a product or service in action. It is best told from a personal perspective, and should highlight how a problem was solved or and what benefits were gained.

In some ways a case study story is similar to testimonials and are a form of social proof, albeit a little less contrived and promotional. Additionally they benefit from having a personal touch that can make viewers feel more connected to the content.

Now that you’re aware of the most popular types of videos used in social media marketing, the next step is to start creating some of your own. That is something that Movavi Screen Capture Studio can help with, as it is a screen capture software that can do far more than just record videos from your screen.

Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you could record footage from a webcam, AVCHD camera, TV tuner, VHS tape, and various other sources. More importantly you could use its built-in editor to improve the footage when you’re done so that the videos turn out looking polished and professional before you upload them to your social media feed.


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