Sockets Layer Certificate of Authenticity

It is a well-known certificate authority that has sold thousands of Standard SSL certificates worldwide. A domain-validated SSL certificate can be given out in about five minutes.  We work with both the SHA2 hash method and 256-bit encryption.

SSL can be gotten at any time because the validation process is done automatically. SSL only needs proof that you own the domain, so you don’t have to send sensitive company files or personal information to the certification center. Sometimes, you only need an email address to pass the verification process.

SSL can only be bought for a maximum of two years, but you can save money by buying SSL for longer. The current SSL certificate comes with guarantee, can be used on unlimited servers, and can be reissued for free. 

Certificates we offer

Check out the different certificates that the website has to offer.

The Offer of the Free Site Seal

The Standard in the business world is the static Site Seal logo with a SSL Standard certificate. It looks like an animated GIF and quickly flashes the years of warranty and the level of encryption. Putting the seal on online shopping carts and web forms can boost sales by making people confident that the site is safe and trustworthy. 

If website security is essential to you, you can purchase ssl certificate from a Certificate Authority. We allow you to use a free self-signed SSL/TLS certificate or a certificate you already have if you want to protect your website.

Quick SSL Certificate Issuance

Domain Validation SSL gives you instant security from a reputable SSL provider in less than five minutes. SSL only needs proof of domain ownership via email, so you don’t have to fax or scan any documents. 

Use Google’s free tool to boost your site’s search engine rankings:

Google has started giving sites with an SSL certificate more weight. This is good news for everyone who runs a website. Minor changes to Google’s algorithm have led us to believe that Extended and Business Verification SSL certificates are better for getting high search engine rankings than Domain verification certificates.

All browsers, devices, and programs trust us. One of the most important things about an SSL certificate is that it can be used anywhere. SSL can only work with intermediate CA files and use the correct installation guides. See a list of all the platforms and browsers that works with.

Why Standard SSL is different from others

There are a lot of SSL certificates to choose from, which makes picking the right one is more difficult. Look at the detailed comparison of well-known SSL certificates to get a clear idea of the pros and cons of any SSL certificate. Every CA offers multi-year pricing discounts, so you should look around. 

Getting a Transport Layer Security Certificate 

Before you can purchase certificate, you’ll need to make a Certificate Signing Request. This includes your name, email address, domain name, etc. If you give the wrong information, the Certificate will work, and you’ll have to pay again for a new one.

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