Remote Access Software Suite For Uk Companies Under Financial Constraints

To stay competitive in a global economy, businesses need to increase their productivity. They can do this by using remote access software that enables them to access their computer from anywhere in the world. This allows them to work from home or while travelling without being tied down to a desk all day long.

Remote access software solutions also provide employees with greater flexibility in working. Employees can work from home or while travelling without asking for time off or changing their entire life for one job. 

This also makes it easier for employees looking after children or elderly family members during business hours while still being able to keep their job (and therefore continue receiving an income). Remote access software offers employees an improved quality of life while still ensuring that they are productive and contributing to their company’s bottom line.

The industry leaders: Citrix, Microsoft RDS, and TeamViewer

Citrix, Microsoft RDS, and TeamViewer are all excellent remote access software suites that can provide remote employees with the necessary tools to do their jobs. However, the cost can add up quickly if you need to cover all your employees’ devices or if you have many employees who work remotely on an ongoing basis.

TeamViewer is one of the best-known solutions for remote support and remote assistance software used by IT  to give assistance to businesses.  They’ve been around since 2005, and they’re still going strong with over 200 million users worldwide. 

TeamViewer is an ideal solution for larger organizations because there’s no limit on the number of users or devices per account. However, its costs are prohibitive when it comes to small companies or corporations eying large-scale deployments. 

A lot of the time, Microsoft RDS can cost up to £1,000 per month for 500 users. This is very expensive considering that similar software suites like LogMeIn or GoToMyPC cost about £230 per month for 500 users. 

RDS can also be difficult to manage because it’s often difficult to determine how many users use the software. This can make it hard to calculate how much money an organization will spend on Microsoft RDS licenses.

Citrix has been around for 30 years and has been used by companies worldwide. It is known for its ability to provide full remote access to applications and data, perfect for companies with employees who travel.

It is also costly, especially for small businesses. Typically, Citrix can cost $250-$500 per user per year, a significant expense for any company with limited IT budgets. 

The affordable option: TSplus

TSplus Remote Access is the most affordable remote desktop software on the market for remote access and contactless IT support. Tsplus has affordable pricing models, including a perpetual licensing model that allows one-time purchases and reasonable prices. 

These are ideal for helping small to mid-sized businesses easily web-enable their business applications and enable remote collaboration that doesn’t break the bank.

TSplus is one of the leading remote access solutions providers in the world. The company has over 5 million users across the globe. As more people using the Internet for their business become aware of these services, TSplus gives out fast, efficient and practical support to meet their needs.

The company’s flagship software is TSplus Remote Access. It offers users an array of features, and because it has been around for quite some time, it is a mature product.

Some features available are:

Remote Desktop and Application Publishing: Publish the applications per user or even a group of users for them to access the applications using TSplus Remote and TSplus Floating Panel.

The Virtual Printing function means you can print your work from anywhere without having to install a driver

Access your project’s files from an iOS, Android, and Web app, which you can use to make decisions on the go

Load-balancing: Set up failover servers and split the load between servers

Businesses can assign and administrate servers through the gateway portal

Secure the home, prevent burglaries, manage complex IP addresses on a large scale, protect against malware and ransomware

TSplus Remote Access offers companies a wide range of solutions that can help reduce their remote work infrastructure footprint with up to 80 percent savings.

Buyer companies can download a free trial from the company’s website, and sales and technical support will be provided during the roll-out stage and deployment.

In a nutshell 

It can be tough to get a remote work infrastructure working for smaller companies because it can be expensive to buy the necessary software.  The most efficient way to reduce this risk is by investing in alternative low-cost remote working software and subsequently training your existing workforce on how best to complete daily obligations both accurately and efficiently.

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