Will Pokémon Go inspire a new wave of VR Online Casino Games?

Pokémon Go

The augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO has quickly become a global phenomenon and is single-handedly responsible for bringing AR and VR into the mainstream consciousness. The location based augmented reality game has been credited with not only promoting physical activity, but for popularising the technology and others like it such as Virtual Reality. Without doubt many similar games will now be in development due to Pokémon Go’s success.

One area that is always on the cutting edge of technology is the online casino industry and the recent growth of VR has led many companies like Red Flush Casinos to wonder if online casinos follow Pokémon Go’s virtual reality footsteps?

How Virtual Reality and AR can Affect Online Casinos

Virtual reality, and until recently to a lesser extent, augmented reality, have been the buzzwords in technology circles recently. A number of VR hardware and software has been produced by the world’s major tech companies, while other eagerly anticipated products are currently in development. With that in mind and with the technology becoming more and more affordable, online casino operators will soon be developing their services for VR as well.

The beauty of virtual reality is that it immerses players in the game they are playing, making their experiences feel more real than any other gaming technology has been able to achieve so far.

If mobile-based and online casino games have brought the casinos’ into our living rooms, then in the future virtual reality technology will be able to transport player’s right into any casino resort they choose.

A number of cutting edge developments are already being worked on including future online roulette games in a VR environment. As mentioned above, online gambling operators will definitely want to be at the forefront with their services when the technology takes off like it has with Pokémon GO.

The Harry Potter GO Hoax Shows VR AND AR’s Rising Popularity

After the explosive launch of Pokémon GO, it didn’t take long for speculation to start swelling about the same AR technology being applied to other popular film, TV, and game franchises. The biggest of these was a rumour that a Harry Potter GO Version similar to the Pokémon game was being developed. At the time of writing nothing has been confirmed, but the hysteria shows consumers’ hunger for virtual reality technology after the success of Nintendo’s app.

The same can be said of online casino games, as the technology costs less and becomes more prevalent, gambling operators will soon look to create VR experiences that will put punters right in the middle of their casinos again.

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