5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trip to Gatlinburg

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Are you wondering where to go next for your family vacation? Do you want your travel itinerary to consist of popular tourist attractions that offer activities for everyone? Look no further because Gatlinburg is a perfect spot to make lifetime memories with your family members! 

It is known to be one of the widely-visited holiday spots, offering many attractions for the tourist to explore and enjoy. You might know it as a little mountain town in Tennessee, but it has many attractions, hiking trails, restaurants, and dinner shows to be thoroughly entertained. 

Let this blog guide you on how to make the most of your trip. So, be ready to be mesmerized by the mountain magic of the Great Smoky Mountains and get your hiking boots on to make memories of a lifetime! 

  1. Get a Cozy Condo

How do you make the difficult choice of picking a perfect place to stay on vacation? Say goodbye to your worries by staying at a cozy condo in downtown Gatlinburg! These condos provide a scenic view of a natural landscape that makes you wish that you woke up to this sight every morning. So do your research and pick a condo that provides all the amenities you want. Some of these Gatlinburg condos provide spacious bedrooms, Jacuzzi tubs, full kitchens, gas fireplaces, and balconies. Moreover, the condos can host guests from 4 to 12 at the most budget-friendly prices. 

The benefits of staying at a Gatlinburg condo include the convenience it provides to its customer. The proximity to the sightseeing spot and having all the basic amenities under one roof, along with assured privacy and safety, surely make it a preferable choice for a thrilled and excited tourist. 

  1. Visit the Ever-Famous Smoky Mountain National Park 

Known as a ‘tourist paradise,’ it is one of the perfect spots to visit as a sightseer if you like to experience nature from close. It is swarmed with millions of people every year due to the abundance of scenery, wildlife, and diversity it offers to its visitors. 

However, it would be unusual to experience it once because it covers 522,427 acres. So instead of exploring it at once, it is better to distribute your day to visiting an area for a particular time. 

There are ample amounts of activities you can do while you are there. These can include hiking on a long trail, watching a running waterfall, fishing trout, camping in the smokies, or bicycling as you experience the picturesque Cades Coves along the way.  

Pro Tip: Keep Binoculars or a Spotting Scope when you go to view wildlife, as it is highly likely that you will spot a black bear. However, beware not to approach it or let it approach you, as it can lead to dangerous consequences. 

  1. Taste The Scrumptious Cuisine of Gatlinburg

If your taste buds need some good Tennesse meals, you have come to the right place! Gatlinburg is home to some of the most well-known restaurants with some great food options. The menu of the restaurants offers a variety of options to its tourists. Do not forget to check out the following:

  • Chesapeake’s- If you are a big fan of seafood, do not forget to eat their Maryland Crab Cakes for appetizers, Maine Lobster for the main course, and Slower Delaware Pie for dessert.
  • Delauder’s BBQ – Ordering their Five Meat Plate will teleport you into barbeque heaven because it is famous for its delicious smoked meals. 
  1. Explore Outdoor Activities

What are you here for if you don’t get on your adventure boots to explore Gatlinburg’s outdoor attractions? There are some of the following activities you can do to make your trip more fun and exciting;

  • Ride a Mountain Coaster: If you are a fan of rollercoasters, then do not forget to get on Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, Rowdy Bear Coaster, and the Ski Mountain Coaster at Ober Gatlinburg. These family-friendly rides have the option to control your speed. It means that you can go at 35 miles per hour or at a slower speed to glide through the trees and take your time to soak up the beauty of the view. 
  • Mini Golf at Hillbilly Golf: This activity offers two 18-hole courses at the top of the mountain. Yes, you heard it right! You take a tram to the top, where you choose which course to play. Both courses have a similar hillbilly theme, outhouses, moonshine stills, and rocky walls. 
  • Gatlinburg Space Needle: This is one of the tallest observation decks, offering 360 views of the Smoky Mountains. The top view offers beauty, an informative experience, and free view-finders to spot your favorite views. 
  1. Discover Gatlinburg’s Museums and Galleries 

Tired of spending your time outdoors? No worries because Gatlinburg has some enjoyable indoor activities. You can visit the many museums and galleries in the city. Be it the Salt and Pepper Museum, which displays whimsical designs of salt and pepper shakers, or to Hollywood Stars Cars Museum, which contains iconic Hollywood vehicles, it will make any tourist’s evening entertaining. 

Do not forget to drop by Fowler’s Clay work, a hand-made pottery studio displaying functional and decorative pottery pieces. Lastly, to soothe your artistic soul, Paul Murray Gallery, showcasing the Smoky Mountain heritage through painting and sketches, is a must-visit place for artists and designers. 


As stated above, there are myriads of attractions and tourist spots for visitors to have the best time here. Though Gatlinburg is a place that can be enjoyed all year round, the ideal time to come here is in spring and fall. Since the temperatures are moderate during this time, you will find many places opening their doors for businesses, making more attraction spots accessible to the public. 

Once you are here, the city’s beauty, lip-smacking meals and beverages, and activities will keep you wanting to visit it again and again. The next thing you know, you catch yourself imagining another trip to this quaint little town! 

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