Beat the Parking Hassle with On Air Parking at Houston International Airport

There are many different questions that you need to ask yourself when looking to go on a trip or vacation. Some of the questions may include “where am I going to enjoy a vacation at?”, “what is my budget for this trip?”, “where am I going to stay on this vacation?”, “what do I need to pack for this trip?” and so on. While these are all important questions that you should answer before the date of your vacation, there is another question that you should be asking yourself. The question is “where can I park my car that will save me time and money?” 

This question is a very important one to ask yourself. Most airports, especially larger airports, offer numerous parking lots to leave your vehicle, however, most of the time, the prices to park in these parking lots are very expensive, even when you opt for the economy parking lot. 

At the William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas, this airport is no exception when it comes to offering expensive parking. With 4 different parking lots which include the Red Garage, the Blue Garage, as well as the economy parking lot. To park at the airport’s parking lot will charge you $24.00 per day and if you opt for the valet service, your rate will go to $28.00 per day. To park at the Blue Garage parking lot, the airport will charge you $24.00 per day. Parking at economy parking lot, the airport will charge you $9.24 per day and that’s not including tax.

After taking a look at the WIlliam P. Hobby Aiport’s parking rates, it is very easy to see just how expensive it is to park in any of the airport’s parking lots. The goal today is to show you just how you can avoid the hefty parking rates that offering you by instead showing you the different off airport parking lots located near the airport that are not only cheaper than parking at the airport but also still conveniently. 

On Air Parking 

One off airport parking company that takes the cake in terms of affordability and convenience is On Air Parking which is an off airport parking company that boasts many different locations for airports all throughout the United States. Setting the bar for all other off airport parking companies which is reflected in their prices as well as just how convenient they are to use. 

How it works is that you simply find the airport that you were looking to fly out of on the website and if they have a location available for that specific airport, you will see a listing of their off airport parking location near that airport. Simple click on that and set the time frame that fits the duration of your trip in order to reserve your parking in advance. Once parking at one lots, you will be comforted, knowing that your car is safe and sound at one of their secure parking lots. Free 24/7 shuttle service that will be able to drop you off and pick you up at the airport whenever necessary. 

One of the best parts of that further separates them from the competition is their parking rates. When parking at airport parking lot that provides parking for the travelers going to the airport in Houston, you will be pleased to know that rates are at $3.55 per day of parking. Looking back at the airport’s parking rates, the economy parking lot is almost 3 times more expensive, and that’s the Airport’s cheapest option! Looking back further into both the Red Garage and the Blue Garage parking lots, you will find that the rates for these parking lots are over 6 times more expensive than the rate that is being offered.

With all of this being said, it is an excellent option for you when looking to avoid the hassle and hefty parking rates for Hobby airport parking that the Airport is offering you. 

The Parking Spot 

Another option when looking for an off airport parking lot that will be more affordable than parking. The off airport parking company that offers 20 different locations throughout the United States and happens to have a location that is near the terminal.

Working very similar in that you simply head to The Parking Spot’s website and select the dates of which you were traveling and reserve parking online. If you prefer to pay in person, you can also reserve your spot online and select the pay later option for when you arrive at the parking lot. Another similarity that is that they also offer a 24/7 shuttle service that will be at your service when necessary. 

Where it lacks when compared is parking rates, which is one of the main reasons many people choose off airport parking. Parking rates when looking for parking is $7.25 per day for the uncovered parking lot and $9.25 per day for the covered parking lot. Ooffering you and once you start to look at the covered parking lot offers, you are starting to get into the airport’s parking rates price territory. You will still be saving money when comparing their rates with the airport’s, however, there are definitely better options out there in terms of affordability. 


When looking to park at an off airport parking lot instead of parking at the Airport directly, WallyPark is another option for you as an off airport parking company that offers a location as well as 39 other locations. 

How it works is the same way. Simply go onto the website, choose your location, and reserve your parking for the days necessary. With shuttle service as well that will be happy to pick you up when you need it.

When compared to the other two off airport parking companies in terms of affordability, WallPark falls somewhere in the middle of these two. To park at the uncovered parking lot, you will pay $5.95 per day, which is definitely cheaper than uncovered parking rate of $7.25 per day, but still does not beat parking rate of $3.55 per day. The covered parking lot that is $7.95 per day which is still bette value than the covered parking rate of $9.25 per day but of course, the parking rate reigns supreme. 

When looking for airport parking, there are definitely better options out there that will offer you a more affordable rate as well as not compromising on convenience. After taking a look at the off airport parking companies that offer parking for the where they all will offer you a more affordable parking experience than the airport ever will. However, not only offering the most affordable parking out of the 3, but also does not compromise on convenience, saving you both time, and money.

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