How Can Home Owners Keep Their Moving Costs Down

We’ve all moved multiple times but dependant on how much stuff you have, can make the costs of moving even higher!

With prices rising, be sure you choose reputable home movers or expect to hear “They wanted ten thousand dollars for the move, which was nearly three times what we paid to move across country in 2014,” or “The service was also horrible, and they used high pressure tactics to book us early, as they only had certain dates available.”

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The large numbers are taxing the moving company industry. “One of the main factors is the labor shortage, not just among laborers, but also drivers,” he said. “Drivers in general, are very hard to find and many in this industry need a CDL (a commercial driver’s license) to drive an eighteen-wheeler.”

A website that calculates moving costs recently conducted a survey of 63 top moving companies in the country. 76% of the companies surveyed had raised prices varying between 5% to over 25%.

The U.S. Postal Service reported 10.2 million address change requests between January and April of 2020.

A Fresh Start Without the Sacred Stuff

Other factors include rising gasoline prices and shutdowns due to Covid-19, which has affected the supply chain and prices for moving items such as boxes and other materials.

Tips: Contact three moving companies to get a quote.

To not move to many items, why not choose to donate items and consolidate others, such as family photos, and only ship a maximum of six boxes to her new home via the postal service.

“I decided it’s a fresh start and it’s painful to let some things go, but there is also something satisfying in paring down to only just the things I need,”.

6 Moving Tips from the Experts

Experts say there are ways to save on moving costs other than eliminating all of your possessions and starting over.

1. Consider Hiring a Moving Truck or Mobile Storage

“If you’re hiring a moving company, you should consider it a luxury and not be of the mindset it’s going to save you money,”.

There are ways around hiring a professional moving company. Yes, uou can rent a truck or get a mobile storage unit. If you can drive or have someone who can drive a moving truck, you can hire a moving company and pay only for the labor of loading and unloading your goods. The hourly rate for that could run $40–$60 per mover.

In addition to saving money, the other benefit is supervision. “If you rent a truck, you have control over your stuff at all times,” he said. Mobile storage companies deliver the unit to your home; you’re responsible for packing and loading your items and may have to pay for labor to assist.

2. Pack it Yourself

If you do decide to hire professional movers, pack the items yourself. “It’s not super hard work and there are many videos on YouTube that show you how to properly pack a box.”

Obtain boxes from a first-party seller and not buying them from the moving company, which is typically more expensive. Did you know that you can save even more money by finding free boxes at big box stores, liquor stores or even through friends and family members who have heavy items delivered to their homes, such as pet food.

“I would not suggest getting boxes from grocery stores due to the fact they may have bugs,” s

3. Pack to the Company’s Specifications

If you pack your own, make sure you know the company’s specifications. “If you don’t and they have to re-pack, it may cost you more in the end,”.

4. Book Early and Have a Back-up Plan

Be sure to book your moving company two months in advance, but the company still moved their items to storage while they waited to fill the load, forcing the couple to “camp out” in their new home for 2 ½ weeks without any household items.

You may then spend at least $1,000 for dishes, utensils, towels, a bed, linens and other goods until their stuff arrived.

71% of companies showed delays to varying degrees, which can cost those moving by not only having to replace household items, but possibly also for lodging and penalties if they cannot vacate the home they are leaving on time.

5. Avoid Booking from May to August

Moving during the summer, which was a mistake. “They promised us our stuff would arrive in August and it didn’t get here until September,”.

6. Moving County or state?

“Expect that you may not even be able to find a mover right now; many have quit doing business because so many people are moving out and not enough people are moving in. The companies can’t refill their trucks for the return trip,” “If you do find a moving company in prime areas, expect to pay [more] and expect delays.”

Do Your Research

The Better Business Bureau said they receive over 13,000 complaints about moving companies each year. Coloccia suggests you not only obtain several quotes, but check the company out thoroughly, read the fine print in the contract and ask questions, such as “Do you have enough labor?” “Will my items be shipped directly?” and “How long will it take for my items to arrive?”

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