Living on Lake Como: all useful information

Life on the lake is a fabulous option for those who love a freshwater escape. Often, when people decide to buy a holiday home the sea or the mountains immediately spring to mind, overshadowing the joys of life by a lake. However, those who live near a lake can enjoy a relaxing environment, where they can take walks far from the city chaos and overcrowded holiday destinations. Lake Como, in particular, is renowned for its beauty and many international celebrities have chosen to settle here, appreciating its elegance and the sense of peacefulness it can offer.

Where to buy a house on Lake Como?

Despite modern developments, Menaggio has managed to preserve its rich artistic and cultural heritage, such as its cobbled streets, historic buildings and ancient squares. In addition, Menaggio offers a paradise for sports and nature lovers. The calm waters of the lake invite water-skiing, while the surrounding mountains offer perfect hiking trails and exciting routes for mountain bikers. 

Among the various places to look for houses for sale lake Como is Menaggio. This is an ancient village that in recent years has begun to offer more and more services and infrastructures to welcome those who intend to live here on a permanent basis.

Another renowned area for those who are looking for a house near the lake is Bellagio, located at the top of the promontory that divides Lake Como into three branches. This town boasts a privileged position that allows one to reach other nearby locations comfortably by boat. In addition, its historical centre offers a truly magical atmosphere, made up of peculiar houses huddled together and narrow alleys that are home to several restaurants serving local cuisine and a variety of shops, including craft workshops. Another lakeside town to consider is certainly Cernobbio, full of expats such as English, American and French people, who populate in particular the stretch from Como to Laglio. The villas in the area are particularly luxurious and sought after by foreign investors.

What should one know before buying a house in Como?

There are a few things to consider before buying a house near Lake Como. Firstly, the cost of living, which could be quite high compared to that of the more peripheral areas and other surrounding towns. If you are afraid of moving because of the language, do not fear, because both the local population and the owners of shops, restaurants, etc., have learnt to speak English in order to interact with foreigners, although knowing Italian may allow you to better ‘immerse’ yourself in the local culture. It is also essential to find out about job opportunities and education for one’s children, as the Italian school system is different from that of other countries.

Why choose a house on Lake Como?

What are the main reasons why people decide to buy property in popular locations such as Lake Como? Let us take a look at the main ones:

  • Tranquillity: Lake Como is a rather quiet area, which guarantees maximum privacy;
  • Mild climate: Lake Como’s climate is temperate, with hot summers and mild winters. This factor makes life on the lake pleasant all year round;
  • Romance: sunsets reflecting on the water and restaurants perfect for couples make Lake Como a romantic location;
  • Gastronomy: Italian cuisine is rich in excellence, prepared with genuine raw materials. In particular, Lake Como allows one to enjoy dishes made with fresh fish from the lake;
  • Services and activities: There are many things to do around Lake Como, both for fun and relaxation. For example, you can go for walks, go on boat trips, or enjoy wakeboarding;
  • Proximity to places of interest: from Como, it is possible to reach large cities such as Milan or Switzerland, important business destinations, in a short time;
  • Exotic gardens: some of the houses on Lake Como are surrounded by luxuriant exotic gardens, consisting of rare plants from all over the world, due to the VIPs who settled in the area at the beginning;
  • Nineteenth-century villas: some of the mansions on Lake Como are true works of art by the lake, and living there is a magical experience;

Exclusive services: by now there are many celebrities living in the area, so the services are also adapted to the high level of the clientele.

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