The Travel Apps You Must Have

If you’re heading off on holiday, there are a few apps you might want to download to make your journey easier and your trip more enjoyable…

Google Translate

The Google translate app or any apps that use the Google Translate API will make your next foreign holiday so much easier because it will enable you to very quickly translate speech or text so that you can communicate more effectively with the people you meet and find your way around much more easily too. It might be an oldie, but it is still a goodie.


The kindle app is a great tool to take with you on holiday because let’s face it, it’s far easier to have access to pretty much any book you could ever want to read on your phone than it is to pack all of your holiday reading into your luggage and risk an excess baggage charge.


FlightAware is every traveller’s best friend. It will enable you to track, in real-time, any flight around the globe. You can set it up to send you alerts about your flights and even check out any airport delays at the touch of a button so that you’re always kept informed about what’s going on around you, all in one place – your pocket.


Okay, so you’re probably going to want to download this one a bit before you go on holiday because it’s actually an app that offers free language lessons. Whether you want to learn French or Finnish, you will find it easy to do so with these simple bitesize lessons that should have you speaking the lingo in no time at all, so that you can impress all of your travel companions and have fun chatting to the locals.


XE is great because it will instantly convert your home currency to the currency of the location you are in so you know exactly what you’re spending and you can avoid being ripped off or spending more than you can really afford when you’re off indulging in the next far-flung shopping trip.


If you’re a bit of a disorganised traveller, then you’re going to want to download the TripIT app, especially if you have multiple flights or hotels to contend with. Simply forward all of your booking confirmation emails to the TripIT app and it will not only keep them safe for you but also create an itinerary for you to follow. Travel apps don’t get much better than that.


If you don’t want to get caught short when you’re travelling (and who does) then you need to install Flush like right now. It uses your phone’s GPS to find the nearest publicly accessible toilet wherever you are – what an excellent idea that is! 

With all of these apps on your phone, your next holiday is sure to go a lot more smoothly, and you will be able to truly relax, so why not visit the app store and start downloading them right now?

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